Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How I Cope With My Embarrassment for Brazilian / Bikini IPL

I went for my 6th IPL session today! It's the 6th for my underarms and I was told that I probably need another 2-3 more sessions to have all hair permanently removed. Now, there's only about 5- 6 stray hair that grows out every few days. I'm happy with the results so far.

As for the down under IPL, it's my 3rd time. In case some of you are wondering what's a full Brazilian, it consists of 5 small parts down under, namely: 

Even though I've done this 3 times, it's still as embarrassing every single time. So, how do I cope with my embarrassment?
  • Firstly, the therapist will cover your eyes with a towel, tissue and a pair of shades. That's enough to give me the "ostrich head in the sand" feeling for a while.
  • And I keep telling myself that I am just one of the many customers of the therapist doing this so it's no biggie for her. I'm probably feeling it's such a big deal when it's nothing much to her.
  • And when doing the IPL for the lower butt crack, I'd have to lie on my stomach. I usually put my iPhone on the chair below the bed and play with it to further distract myself.
For today, I only did the last 2 small parts. So, it took me only 45 mins for the whole session and it wasn't as hard to bear. I'm pretty happy with the results as it only take 2 sessions to see a difference for the bikini line and the triangles already.


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Xeria said...

Hi, possible to give me your name,as I want to quote your member no,but they ask for your name.

Mei said...

Sure, my name is Tsui Mei and membership no. is 81005130.

Thanks! =)

Pinky said...

Hi babe, I saw ur blog and review then I went to sign up with musee. They ask me for your acc no & name & I saw ur name & acc no in the above comment. My name is Pinky. I will quote ur no for my next treatment.
Hope u r fine with it.


Mei said...

Hi there,

Of course I am ok. In fact, thank you!

Hope you'll be happy with Musee service. I am! =)


Jen said...

Hi just read your post and went to check out the site and realise they are having a promotion.
So I think I will check out the place sometime this week and if everything's ok, i shall quote you.

Btw does IPL help in whitening?

Mei said...

Hi Jen,

Yes, it does helps to whiten the area you're doing IPL on.

Thanks for quoting me! =)

Hazel said...


I'm so glad to chance upon your review on musee.

Does musee really help one to get rid of unwanted hair?

I've been dying to remove unwanted hair off areas like my leg and arms..but my mum doesn't allow me and for that i'm always having low self esteem about my hair problem

May I ask, how long does it take to see the effect?

Mei said...

Hi Hazel,

Yes, it really does! For my underarms, to have quite obvious results, it took about 4-5 times. From the 2nd session onward, the hair is finer but from the 4th to 5th session onward, the hair growth is slower.

But for the bikini/triangle area, from the 2nd session, I could see less hair already. For the inner tighs, it takes about 3-4 times too.

I think it really depends on the area and individual hair growth process. But it does really work and I am very happy with the results!!

The therapist told me that if they up the intensity of the IPL, it'll pick up finer hair too and achieve the results faster. So you may want to ask them to up the intensity but it may be a little painful though. But may not be that scary for arms and legs.

Hope you try it soon and see results fast after getting rid of your unwanted hair. ;)


Hazel said...


Thank you for replying!

after what you've said, i really hope musee does work for me too.. >.<

I am gonna get my good buddy to come along as well because she also have the same problem as me...

actually i even went to search the web and suspected that i have "hirsutism"? because of certain symptoms or something...and the thing that made me sad is when people teased me about my hair on my arms and legs :(

I shall strive to look positive. thank you for replying me even though i come as a stranger to you. XDDDD


Mei said...

Hi Hazel,

If you sign up first and quote a membership no., you'll get a free upper lip IPL. After which, get your friend to sign up and quote you and then she'l get a free upper lip IPL and you'll get another. This means you'll get 2 sessions in total. ;)

Hope you won't feel so affected when people talk about your hair. Remember that it can easily be removed so just don't let these kind of remarks get to you.

Yeah stay positive and feel free to drop me a comment anything. It's only my fingers doing the walking. ;)

Anonymous said...

hi, so glad i read your blog cos i was looking for a cheaper and reliable place to do IPL, strip quite me more than 3k for 6 sessions, it was crazy. thank god i didnt sign up with them.

just wanna ask how long did it take in total, for your underarm and brazilian to do finish, and if i wanted to do hair on my fingers etc would it cost more, or it's still under the unlimited sessions? may i ask where else did you do? thank you so much!

Mei said...


I think for my underarms, by the 5th session, it was more or less all gone and I didn't need to shave much (every few days for some very fine hair only).

As for the Brazilian, after 2 sessions, hair growth was slower already but of course there's still some way to go even though I've tried it 4 times so far.

I've only tried these 2 areas.

I am not sure about the package for fingers, it's considered a small part so should be relatively cheaper. You can call Musee at 6337 7273 to check out the details.

Cheers! =)

Anonymous said...


do your underarms have dark patches? i went for IPL previously, hoping it'll help to whiten, but apparently it did not.
Any ways to whiten the underarms?

jlz said...


For pubic hair removal, which package do u recommend? (no of sessions)
Should I just go for the upper and lower triangle? Whats the diff btw bikini and upper triangle? Seems like the same area to me leh.. sorry for all the qns!

Mei said...

Hi ilz,

It depends on individual's preference and you may get a better idea looking at the areas from this picture: http://www.musee-pla.asia/menu/default.htm

It's not the same area. I think it's best if it's both areas. ;)

As for the number of session, you may want to check with the therapist instead. For my underarms, it took me close to 8 session for the growth to "completely" stop. Only a few fine hairs still grow out.

BTW, can help clock on my nuffnag ads?

Thanks! =)

Anonymous said...


Can I ask if the treatment at bikini area is effective? I had my first treatment 2 weeks ago... Now there is still no improvement... The hair seemed to have grown v fast over the past 2 weeks... I signed up for the $2k+ package for 30 large parts... :(

My underarms seem to be doing well after 4 treatments... Not much hair left...

Mei said...


For me, my hair was finer after the 2nd or 3rd treatment. But I stopped after a few times.

I think it depends on individual because my underarms hair only completely stop after the 8th treatment or so.

I think you may have to go for more sessions to see the results. You can also request for them to up the intensity to see results faster. ;)


Anonymous said...

Sorry to comment on such a late entry, but how long did you go between sessions?

I was thinking of taking up a promotional package but the caveat was that the subsequent visits would only be once every 3 months!

Josephine said...

hi, thank you for your consistent good reviews about the Musee outlet at Millenia Walk.

spoke with both receptionists at PS and MW outlets and found that the MW outlet is more polite and friendly.

I signed up via groupon and quoted your name and member ID during my consultation today at MW outlet.

shin said...

I never done any treatment before for removing of hair and getting naked infront of ppl really make me uncomfortable but I don't really like myself being too hairy on my
But when I saw ur review, sort of give me abit of courage to try armpit and Brazilian
btw Is the people there friendly?

Mei said...

Hi Shin,

For underarms, you'll wear a tank top and won't be that exposed, so don't worry. ;)

For Brazilian, you have no choice but to expose. Haha...

And yes, the people are Musee are friendly and professional. Moreover, they'll cover your eyes with a towel so you'll feel like an ostrich with your head in the sand. no worries.

It's a ladies only treatment place. Hope this will put you more at ease.

BTW, which outlet are you signing up with?

alexia said...

Hi ,
I know this comment is really late but i searched for musee review and your blog came up. was just wondering, is the brazillian IPL effective? i have done it at other places and results not so good. Also, is it painful?