Monday, April 18, 2011

Seoul Subway/Metro Map & T-Money Card

It is cheap and convenient to move around Seoul using the subway. And it may be more convenient to get a T-Money Card to get your way around the city.

You can grab the Seoul subway map and even plan your routes from these 2 sites:

I printed the map out and it proved useful for my trip.

The T-Money Card cost abut 2,500KRW and can be purchased and topped up with amount starting from 1,000KRW at the top up machines in the subway stations. It's used just like Singapore EZ-Link card, scanning the card as you go pass the gantry and it saved us a lot of time and hassle to buy single trip tickets each time we use the subway.

What's more, every trip made using T-Money Card cost 100KRW less than if you purchase a 1 way ticket.

It can even be used at several convenience stores like Family Mart, 7Eleven which are scattered around Seoul.

To make things a little sweeter, the cards come specially designed for tourist to bring home. Discount coupons will also be given together upon purchase for some tourist attractions like Lotte World, N Seoul tower and Dragonhill Spa etc.

It's really simple to move around Seoul on your own as the ticketing machines all come with English instructions selection.

In some stations, there's even huge touch screens for tourists to find their way around.

And when you get tired, you can always hop into a cab instead. It costs about the same as that of Singapore's BUT without the hefty midnight charges and ridiculous ERP charges. Just do not get into the expensive premium black cabs that cost much more when there's so many cabs available in Seoul.

To find out how to get from Incheon / Gimpo Airport to Seoul City in a cheap and convenient way, click here.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mei,

Missing a zero? TMoney card only cost 2500KRW???

Mei said...

Hi there,

Yes, it's only 2,500KRW, no missing zeros. ;)

Only 500KRW cannot be refunded but the rest can be if not all amount is used up at end of your trip.

Cheers! =)

Florencia said...

I found your blog on T-money card useful. Coz I went to the T-money card website but most of the info are in Korean :(

I read about another card called Seoul CityPass+ ,quite similar with T-money card, but I think it's for tourists. The card cost 3,000 KRW (more expensive than yours), but said to have discount and coupons too, and is also refundable (with 500 KRW fee) and we can get back the card after refund.

Wanna ask you some questions:
1) Can your T-money card be returned back to you after refund? I think it's quite good for souvenirs. hahaha..
2) Is it easy to find those convenient stores (e.g. GS25, Family Mart, By The Way and Mini Stop) to refund the card? I'm hoping I could still get a hotel near Lotte dept store in Myeong-dong.

thanks ya!! :)

Florencia said...

Hope you don't mind I ask questions again... :P

Is it better to change Singapore $$ to KRW in Singapore or over there in Korea?

thanksss :)

Mei said...

Hi Florencia,

1) Yes, you can get a refund from the card but the 2500 KRW card fee and a 500 KRW fee cannot be refunded.

2) Yes, it's pretty easy to find Family Mart around Seoul.

I kept mine for another trip and I just came back from Seoul 2 days back. So i got to use it again. ;)

Cheers! =)

Mei said...

Hi Florencia,

Rate in SG is generally better but in Myeong-Dong, the exchange rates are pretty close to SG too.

What I did was I change bulk of it here and kept some extra SG currency that I may need to change them only in Myeong-Dong.

Cheers! =)

Angela Nguyen said...

Heey ,
I was wondering if the discounts given to you were useful or not and did they give good discounts ?

Thank you ! (:

Mei said...

Hi Angela,

I didn't use their discount so I am not much help to your enquiry.