Friday, April 22, 2011

Cherry Blossom In Korea, Spring 2011

So, did I get to picnic under the full bloom of Cherry Blossom in Seoul? Heck no... :(

Some trees were already in bloom. So, we snapped some pics to capture the nature's beauty.

Even at Damyang, which is further south of Seoul, only a handful of trees were in bloom. Most were just starting to bloom.

Oh well, wrong dates estimation. 

Another time perhaps.

On the day we left ( 14 April 2011), it seemed like most trees were in bloom. I'm sure it'll be a beautiful sight this week in Seoul.

Beautiful Springtime Flowers

'Til next time, we'll just look silly posing away with lone Cherry Blossom trees here and there. :|


Ying said...

Can you let me know your itinerary in Seoul? i will be going with one of my friend this June.

Mei said...

Hi Ying,

This was my itineray in Seoul:

Day 1 -
arrived in evening: Dongdeamum ( for dinner
late night: walked wholesale area a short while

Day 2 -
am: Dongdeamum Shopping, Gangnam for
pm: shopping and dinner and drinks

Day 3 -
am: Nandeamum Market Shopping
pm: at Ehwa University shopping
evening: Hongdea for Korean BBQ dinner and Hyatt JJ Mahoney's for clubbing and drinks

Day 4 -
am: Korean Folk Village
pm: wanted to go Han River cruise but went to friend's place for dinner instead

Day 5 - to Damyang (

Day 6 -
am: return from Damyang
pm: Myeon-dong shopping
late night: Dongdeamum night shopping and Dakhanmari dinner again!

Day 7 -
am: Insadong shopping
pm: Jimjibang at Siloam Spa (Seoul Statin)
late pm: Yeoksam Station near Gangnam for dinner and drinks
midnight: wholesale shopping at Dongdeamum (

Day 8 -
am: last min shoppping at Myeon-Dong
pm: head back to Singapore

Basically, if there's nothing much to do for you at night, you can always head to the endless and sleepless Dongdeamum area for shopping.

Hope this helps! ;)


Sapna said...

i had been in korea for three month from feb to april .in the last of april there was cherry blossom flower all around .it's looks very awesome i was very happy when i m on the road n park .

Mei said...

Hi Sapna,

I'm sure it's beautiful. Too bad we were too early by a week with our wrong prediction. :(

Any photos or blog to share? =)

Dollar Store Merchandise said...

These cherry blossoms are awesome:-) They calm me whenever I look at them.

Kstylick said...

These are very pretty shots. Nice post. Maybe we could follow each other on Bloglovin and/or GFC?

Please leave me a comment on my blog and I will follow you!