Thursday, December 23, 2010

4th IPL Session at Musee Platinum (Full Brazilian Treatment)

In case you girls haven't hard, the Unlimited Underarm IPL Treatment from Musee Platinum in Singapore is running a promotion at $138 now! You heard it from here and please quote my membership no. (member no.: 81005130) to enjoy a FREE upper lip IPL session.

I was there a few days back and found out that they'll minus off $50 for new treatments for those who signed up at $188.

Yes, I was back for my underarms and full brazilian IPL session this time. In case you're wondering what is full brazilian, you can take a look at the image below.

It consists of a total of 5 small parts, namely:
  1. Bikini Line
  2. Upper V Triangle
  3. Lower V Triangle
  4. Inner Thigh
  5. Inner Butt Crack
This time around, I didn't feel so awkward. Maybe it's because the treatment started with me lying on my front for the inner butt crack IPL preparation. Lying on the massage/treatment chair with a hole for my face, I placed my iPhone on the stool to surf while the therapist, Joanne went with the treatment.

Or maybe it was because Joanna is rather friendly and her chatting put me at ease.

In any case, I was spread-eagle chatting and entertained by my iPhone until.... I was asked to turn over and lie on my back. That's when the slight awkwardness set in. Once again, the protective glasses and towels over my eyes helped as I couldn't really see what was going on. 

But the feeling is almost like below but more exposed and less relaxed, hehe.. And whenever I hear noise coming from outside of the room, I had the tendency to close up. Hahaha... Felt so exposed.... 

For those curious cats out there, these are the steps that the therapist will do:
  1. Clean your skin
  2. Shave
  3. Use a sticky tape to pick up loose and fine hair
  4. Apply cold gel
  5. Perform IPL
  6. Wipe off cold gel
  7. Apply cold towel
  8. Apply soothing cream

It was a little more painful for me this time. About 5 out of 10 for the pain level. The pain felt like a light electric shock or a rubber band shooting onto the skin. I asked for the intensity to be lowered and it was bearable thereafter. About 2 out of 10 of the pain level.

I was told that by reducing the IPL intensity, the thicker hair can still be removed  but the finer ones may be missed by the IPL. Oh well, my threshold of pain is lower than my threshold of being hairy... :|

I also found out that IPL actually picks up the pigment of the hair, hence Caucasians with light blonde hair respond better to other hair removal treatments instead of IPL. And the therapists should keep away from any tattoos near the treated areas as it'll be very painful if the the IPL falls on it due to the tattoo colour. 

2 sessions won't be enough for my *ahem* region so I'll be going for more.

By the way, if you decide to sign up at the Millenia Walk outlet like I did. Do take this opportunity to shop around PARCO. there's a Christmas promo for all Citibank credit cards holder!! And PARCO has lotsa local designers and interesting outlets. It's a joy to avoid the crowd this Christmas by shopping there! The promotion last until 26 Dec 2010.
If you enjoy this post, do quote my membership no. (member no.: 81005130) to enjoy a FREE upper lip IPL session.

And do drop me a message if you wanna share your experiences or ask me any questions. I'll try my best to answer to the best of my knowledge! ;)

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Miso said...

May I check with you how how did you pay for this session?

Mei said...


I got it from my free referral IPLs. 2 small areas = 10 big areas. ;)

Cheers! =)

Miso said...

Ok Thanks for the info. I am going for their $138 promo first, will quote yr member no. =)

Mei said...

Hi Miso,

Enjoy the start of your smooth skin process.! ;)

Bubbles said...


I'll be quoting your member code on this coming tues. Btw, just another question, those this treatment help whitening the underarm?

Mei said...

Hi Bubbles,

sorry for this late reply. thanks for quoting my membership no.

I think it does whitened a little. But fr my case, my skin got quite sensitive from shaving so it was a little sore from the itch.

With IPL, it no longer has this prob. So, I'm not sure whetehr it's due to the lightening properties or simply my kin feel calmer these days.

Cheers! ;)

Anonymous said...

hey babe!

just to check with you, the 5 small parts you are referring to is "pubic hair"? and its for free? how did you manage to get it for free? :)

anyway, dont you feel a bit embarrassed in showing there to a stranger? how was the treatment "there" so far? :)

Mei said...

Hi there,

Yes it is. ;)

If you join Musee Platinium and refer customers to them, you'll get a free upper lip treatment FOC. So will the person you've referred.

I've accumulated a lot you see.

Anyway, I do find them professional and the place is very clean and new. The staff are friendly too.

As to whether I felt awkward, of course I did. Just don't think about it. Hmmm...

BTW, if you do sign up with them, do quote my member no.: 81005130

Thanks! =)

Anonymous said...

Hi! Your post was very informative.I'm interested in the bikini line treatment, but am quite embarassed. Any tips? Also, when you say full brazilian, does that mean IPL for everything done there?!!! How is it going so far?Tks

Mei said...

Hi there,

I just went for my 6th session today and the results is more obvious for the bikini line, the upper and lower triangle.

And yes, for full brazilian, it's everything down there. Inclusive of teh 3 parts I mentioned, the inner tigh (when you open your legs) and the butt crack.

I was and am still embarrassed. But I just tell myself that I am just one of their many customers, so they won't even think much and I try hard to think about other stuff while they are shaving etc.

For the butt area, you'll need to face down and I'll play with my iPhone on the chair to distract myself again.

Haha... but it's worth it! Think of being hairless and not having to shave. ;)


Anonymous said...

im interested to sign up but they no longer have the $138 underarm promotion, its back to $388. :( sighhh.

Mei said...

Oh no, I thought their $188 promo was running for so long and so worth it. maybe you can wait a while.

If not, I think at $388, it's also worth it 'coz it's a unlimited one.

Hopefully, they have some kind of promotions during GSS.

Anonymous said...

oh btw i found the promo on musee website already, anyway thanks for sharing this adv on ur blog, thanks so much :)

Anonymous said...

may i know much did you pay for the brazilian?

Anonymous said...

hi Mei.. did they say how many treatments are required for the brazillian before u can see permanent hair removal?

Mei said...


I have been there for 2-3 times only for different areas and it's not permanently removed yet.

From what the therapist mentioned, it should be about 10 times but then again, it depends on individuals.

Cheers! =)

*hLing* said...

Hi, May i know the price of the FULL Brazilian IPL?

Mei said...

Hey, I think it's better if you call them up and check:


Anonymous said...


chance upon your blog.. i had my done at Regina Hair Removal, they have unlimited promotion for 3 years price is cheaper than Musee, and the therapist there are very friendly and professional, they explained in detail and did a test before every treatment. I ve since had 4 treatments and results is very good.

May said...

Hi, I'm from Malaysia and just wondering if anyone knows whether the Musee is good in Malaysia?

And how does the id work? Is it, for every time i go for a session, i have to give different names and id to get treatment for a small part?

Mei said...

Hi May,

I have no experience with Musee in Malaysia...

As for the ID, you'll need to quote it only once when you first sign u and you'll get 1 free upper lip treatment.

There's no need to quote it every time you go for a treatment as the promotion is for 1 time only.

May said...

Thank you, but is it possible if i don't choose the lip area? I'm intending to get one from Groupon. Still deciding.

And those that had trid the ones in Malaysia, pls comment here and give your feedback. Thank you.

Mei said...

Hi May,

The promotion is only entitled to the upper lip area. =)