Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Musee Platinum Singapore IPL Promotion Galore

I went for my 5th treatment at Musee Platinum today and I must say I was pretty satisfied with the results so far.

My underarms hair growth has slowed a lot. So much so that I need only to shave every 4-5 days. And even so, it's only the few fine hair that's hardly noticeable. They're running a $138 unlimited underarm IPL promotion still until end of Feb 2011 according to the staff. Do quote my membership no.: 81005130 if you're signing up for this great deal! =) 

And if you've signed up at a higher price, they'll cashback the amount when you sign for another package. 

As for the full bikini area, I saw a huge difference after my 2nd treatment. Hair growth has definitely slowed down quite a bit and the hair is finer too. I'm impressed!

For now until 31 Mar 2011, Musee is even running a promotion for the number of friends you refer!

What's more, you can get to enjoy 10% when you flash your Musee card at Kusabi Restaurant. There's 1 outlet at The Central and 1 more at Marina Square.

Lots of good deal when you sign up! Yeah!

Read more (member no.: 81005130):


Anonymous said...


I was looking through the internet looking for feedback regarding Musee underarm hair removal when i saw ur blog.

Im really interested to avail this package. The $138 doesnt have any hidden costs, right? As in when i go there, ill only get to shell out $138?

And would you mind if i quote your membership number too?


- Abby

Mei said...

Hi Abby,

Yeap, $138 with no hidden cost. Total payout is $138. ;)

You only be able to do the IPL session every 2 months for the 1st 2 years and every 3 monts (if needed) thereafter.

Of course, I'm thankful and more than happy if you quote my membership no. =)

Anonymous said...

hi there, usually pl treatment is best to be 4-6 weeks interval but musee's condition is 2 months interval. so im actually doubting whether will it be as effective as normal ipl treatment?

Mei said...

Hi there,

For me, the underarms results got more obvious after 4 times and the bikini area after 2 times.

By that I mean slower hair growth and finer hair.

For the underarms, I now can shave every few days instead of daily. But results differ from individuals to individuals.

Hope this help! =)

Anonymous said...

How much did you pay for full bikini area?
Do they have promotion like the underarm one?

Mei said...

Hi there,

I utilize my free referrals IPL for the bikini.

you can call them at 63377273 to find out more about their current Bikini IPL.

Cheers! =)

Anonymous said...

Hi there

Most of the time when i was there i saw some parts of the bed contain hair which i think is quite disgusting. Don't they clean it? I also saw their reservation list quite untidy not so professional. Quite noisy at times with the staff speaking Malay and laughing loudly. I did my bikini before. I was quite impressed by the results at first. But after i finish the session and when i started shaving it became much more hairy. Not too sure about that. When i tried calling in, a staff (called Mardiya if i'm not wrong)was so rude. She speak in a very high toned (like those tone when you're angry!). I was quite shocked! I went to the Plaza Singapura outlet. It is much better there. Friendlier staff who always show concern towards me. I would really encourage those who have not signed up to sign up at Plaza Sg! :)

Mei said...

Hi there,

Your experience sounds bad.., which outlet did you go to?

I go to the Millenia Walk's one and so far, my experience has been pretty good. The staff do not talk loudly and the ambiance is clean and quiet.

As for myself, I only needed 2 treatment to notice that my hair growth at bikini area has slowed and the hair are finer.

Could it be that when you shave, the hair that's growing out is thicker so it appears that there's more?

Anyway, do update us and hope your future experiences will not be this bad. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mei,
I'm thinking of signing up at the Millenia Walk Parco outlet since they have a $138 promo now. Do you have any particular person to recommend? Is it always the same person or whoever that's available on the day for your session? Thanks in advance!

Mei said...


It may be a different person for each treatment and this is so even for the bikini area. You can check with them whether you can choose your therapist though.

As for the underarm sessions, it's so far so good for me and I find them all professional.

Hope this helps! =)