Tuesday, August 10, 2010

2nd IPL Session at Musee Platinum Tokyo @ Millienia Walk

I had my 2nd session last Mon at Musee Platinum but have been too busy to write about it. As some of you may have read in my 1st post on my 1st ever IPL session at Musee Platinum Tokyo, I was enticed by the $188 unlimited underarm IPL promotion.

And guess what? It's still available. The therapist told me that it's extended until end August. So yeah, do hurry over and sign up for this great deal if you have been considering it.

The 2nd session was pleasant and fuss free and it was over within 30 mins. The lovely staff even brought me a magazine as I was lying in the treatment room waiting for my turn.

Please do not shave 2-3 days before the treatment. The therapist will shave for you on the spot if necessary and I was told to stay away from the sun or exercise 24hrs after the IPL session. And to answer some of you who asked about whitening, the therapist mentioned that the gel applied has whitening and moisturizing properties and the light emitted from the IPL session does whiten the skin also.

And I wanna say a big Thank You! to all who quoted my membership no:  81005130 when you sign up. I will soon try out IPL for my *ahem* nether region. I'll definitely share my 3rd session here.

Do share your experiences gals too! One reader mentioned that there were burn cases at another salon, Hope she'll elaborate more.

And if you're a 1st-timer to IPL, do read up about my 1st session here. It's not scary, not painful and it's totally worth it! No more daily shaving for me and my skin is less irritated. Refer your friends and you can get free IPL sessions too. =)

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cy said...

Hi, I just signed up for e promo! Quoted ur membership ID too..thanks for sharing! Btw, hope u'll post e results frm ur nx treatments too!

Mei said...

Thanks! =)

Hope you'll enjoy the session!

I'll share my next session. Hhmmm... wondering how embarrassing it'll be also. ;)

XYZ said...

Hi Mei, I was told by MUSEE to shave 2-3 days or the night before my treatment. So is it ok to shave?

vuvie said...

Hey, I've made an appointment after reading your post. Will quote your number.

Let's see what happens :D

Mei said...


I think there's a mistake. They repeatedly said to NOT shave 2-3 days before the treatment.

It's better not to shave because if the hair is too short, they cannot perform the treatment properly.

Moreover, they will help you to shave if the hair length is too long.

So, DON'T shave 2-3 days before treatment and no waxing too! ;)

Mei said...

Hi vuvie,

Thank you and do share if it's good! =)


Anonymous said...

hello! can i ask how does the unlimted session works? Is is like i pay $188 for unlimited sessions? Is the IPL really effective?

Mei said...

for the $188 underarms "unlimited" session, it means you have to go at least 2 months apart in your 1st year after signing up.

thereafter, you have to have at least a 3 months in between session for the rest of your life.

so, if your hair stops growing after 3 session and after a year, it grows out again, you can still go touch up for free as long as there's a 3 months gap in between sessions.

i saw results after my 1st session. hair growth was slowing and hair was finer. after the 2nd session, hair growth slowed down quite a bit and now, i shave only every 3-4 days.

for my sis, she got rid of the hair after 5-6 sessions.

so yes, i think it's effective! ;)

Anonymous said...


Do you know the prices for IPL for large parts of the body?


Rachael said...

so mei, how's the treatment so far? I am very tempted to try too=) How many treatments have you went for already?

Mei said...


I don't know the price of the larger parts. Maybe you can call them instead?


Mei said...

Hi Rachael,

I went for 2 underarm treatment so far and it's practically painless and I can see results 2 weeks after the 1st treatment.

I'm happy with it so far. Cheap and good! The promo supposedly ends tomorrow, I think it's better if you call them and double check and reserve a pot for yourself!

Good luck! =)

Jo said...

Hey, too bad I didn't see this before I sign up for Musee. I've only gone for my consultation and not the treatment yet.

Been undergoing IPL at another place and since my package has ended, I decided to give this a try as the promo is too good to be true. My previous IPL session was good at the initial stage but after a while, it's always the same few strands that remains stubborn. Hope this would work for me! =)

Mei said...

Hi Jo,

Maybe you should sign up for this and just go back whenever you need to re-do the area.

Don't know whether it'll work out to be more worth it in the long run but hope you find something worthwhile! =)

Anonymous said...

After reading your blog, I went to try & won't go back again.
The consultant Riyana booked for me on 9pm. When I went they, they are closing and said that no appointment was made for me. I paid $582 for 8 small session and get the underarm fee but that night, they can only do underarm for me and asked me to come back following day to do bikini line. The next day, I waited 20 mins before was asked by a Malay consultant to "take off all your clothes" when I only need to do bikini line. To my horror, the towel on the bed not just got bit of hairs and the big towel was wet too! So I helped myself to clean towel and throw the dirty towels on floor. You know what, the therapist actually pick up the dirty towel on floor to raise my knee up. As she is wearing gloves and cannot feel that it is wet. Later she cut open my disposable while her other colleagues from next room was flipping open the partition curtain and also the main door when my lower body was exposed naked. When I confronted the consultant that there is no privacy and ask how she will feel if she in my shoes as she initially denied that her colleagues did that since she covered my face with towel & sunglasses first thing when she entered the room. Then she sheepishly said sorry. During the process, when she shaved too hard, I cried out "ouch", she scold me for not covered my face saying that her manager may walk in to check & will scold her, so I reason that it not IPL yet and I will answered for her. During the session,I can feel that she used her gloves touch everything else and touched my private area, and she scooped the gel from my left side and reused on my right side. After the cold compression, I left before she return to the room, as I afraid of Urinary tract Infection so I dashed to the toliet to clean up. Much later,I received a call from this same consultant who reprimanded me on the phone saying "How can you walk away just like that". I told her that I am upset of the poor service but she again said that "how can you just walk off and left your member card behind". Instead of apologize, she still got the cheeks to reprimand me.
After 1xs, I won't go back again.

Mei said...

Hi there,

I am shocked that this happened to you.

So far, the experiences have been good for me for the both times I went there for my underarms treatment.

The staff were all friendly and professional some more.

I'll share when I next go back for my underarm and bikini line IPL session in the middle of this month.