Thursday, October 14, 2010

3rd IPL Session at Musee Platinum Tokyo (Brazilian Session)

As promised, I'll share my 3rd IPL Session at Musee Platinum Tokyo which includes an additional IPL for down under here.

The whole process took about 1 hour 15 mins to complete. Hence, it's important to book your appointment in advance and ensure you're not in a rush on that day.

Anyway, the therapist (Mei Ling) that attended to me was friendly and professional. I was asked to change into the paper panties and the robe below before starting the IPL down under. It's for easy access. ;)

I was told that we don't have to shave whatsoever before the treatment as they'll do it for us. But I think it may help if you trim it short so that it's easier for them to shave. 

After putting on the protective glasses, I was given additional towel to cover my eyes. It helped with the embarrassment because I was like an ostrich with the head in the sand. The treatment then begins with the paper panties being cut open. It was awkward for me to have a stranger being so close to my privates and I found the shaving to be quite ticklish.

The whole time, the therapist was reassuring and checked to see if I felt ok. There's altogether 5 small parts if you want to have IPL done down under. 
The only tedious part (more so for the therapist) was the shaving as it was done meticulously and took more than half an hour to complete. As for the IPL process, it was very fast and quite painless as usual.

After the cold gel application, I got my first IPL zap. It felt like a small shock but I think it was due to my nervousness. The rest of the zaps felt almost painless like the slight sensation you'll feel for underarms IPL. Just let the therapists know if you're uncomfortable and they will adjust the IPL intensity.

Cold towels will be given after the treatment just like for the underarms. 

And yeah, I'll be going back for more. I might just get use to the embarrassment after a few more times. 

Read more (member no.: 81005130):


JadeQ said...

HI Mei,

After reading your blog, i feel so much better. i saw this good deal on "my paper" today and i do not believe that there is no hidden cost and it will be unlimited sessions for just $188!!! after reading through ur blog and all those comment, i had made an appointment on 3 Nov 10 at the Centrepoint. will code ur no. to them!! :)

Mei said...

Thank you! =)

And it's really no hidden cost. I was a little skeptical too but I called them to verify before signing up.

Happy with my purchase now! ;)

M*nz said...

babe... how is the growth after your treatment??

Anonymous said...

Hi Mei, i have sign up with them and have given them your member no.

my member no is 81005805.

Mei said...

M*nz, the underarms have really slowed down quite a bit. I only need to shave every 4-5 days now.

But down under still not much effect yet. Hee...

Mei said...


Thank you! =)

How was the treatment for you?

Anonymous said...

Hi. Was wondering if you can actually keep the Musee tank top after treatment.

Anonymous said...

me n my friend quoted your number on 31 Oct. Thanks!

Mei said...

Thank you for quoting my no.!

I don't know about the keeping the tank top, seems unlikely. If so, Musee will have to give out many many tank tops per day. Hehe...

Anonymous said...

Hi Mei, my 1st treatment doesnt seems to have any effect though.. is each of your appt 2 months apart? thats what the consultant told me..


Mei said...

After my 1st treatment, my skin was smoother and the hair growth didn't slow down that much. It was barely noticeable.

After the 2nd, it did slow down initially but grew back almost as fast nearer the 3rd treatment date.

After the 3rd treatment, the results is most obvious so far. I only shave every 4-5 days now and it's for some stray hair here and there.

Not to worry, you'll probably see better results after a few more times. ;)

And yes, my treatments are spaced every 2 months apart.

Bernice said...

Hi Mei,

I was wondering if the therapist would have to shave off the upper lip hair before doing the IPL?

I'm thinking of going down for my first treatment at Musee but I'm worried that the upper lip hair would be thicker after shaving and in between the treatment.

Hope you can advice! Thanks!

Mei said...

Hi Bernice ,

I didn't do the upper lip IPL but I think they'll shave the hair if it's too long for the IPL session.

So far, I realised they don't shave very close to the skin so it won't be irritating to the skin when the hair grows longer.

And shaving doesn't cause the hair to grow out thicker, so you won't have to worry about that. ;)


Anonymous said...

Hi.. how much the Brazilian IPL? is it unlimited too?

Mei said...

Hi there,

I didn't sign up for the package. It's not painful and i'm going for my next session this coming Mon. will definitely update then.

So far, not much of results yet. 'Coz it has only been 1 time ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mei,

I will be quoting your number for my appt with Musee :)


Mei said...

Hi Mich,

Thanks! I just went for my 2nd full brazilian IPL session today and will be updating soon.

Hope your session will be a good one too! =)


Anonymous said...

Hey can i still quote your membership code for the free upperlip ipl ?

Mei said...


Of course you can and it is 81005130.

Thank you!


Anonymous said...


Will be going down for my first appointment in a few days, will quote your membership no.


Mei said...


A big thank you! =)

Anonymous said...


Wanna enquiry hw much does the IPL
for down under cost??

Mei said...

Hi there,

For a full Brazilian, it'll be $1048 for 4 sessions inclusive of GST. If you buy packages with more sessions, it'll work out cheaper per session.

Also, you'll be given FREE UNLIMITED underarms sessions upon signing up for Brazilian.

In fact, they're running a promo now to win tickets to Seoul. You should call them and find out more.

Cheers! ;)

debra said...

hey! can i ask how many times they 'flashed' your nether regions? haha. cos i dunno how many times it has to be done for it to be effective and i heard that the place im doing it at is a bit stingy..thanks :)

Mei said...

Hi Debra,

Hahaa.. I 'flashed' it about 4 times. I like the way you put it. Haha...

It feels like a light rubber band snap.

I see a difference in hair growth rate and finer hair growth too. It'll probably need about 8-10 times for it to be more effective.


Hair Removal said...

nice information sharing

Pooh25 said...

Hi! May I check how long does your brazilian ipl last? Total how many sessions did you went though?

Mei said...

It depends on the person doing it.

The last round that I went, which was yesterday, lasted a mere 15 - 20 mins only.

The whole procedure plus underarm can take close to 1 hour also.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mei,
After reading your review, it really tempts me to get brazilian ipl...never tried before...
I would like to ask if you know the charges for Brazilian IPl @Musee or is there any ongoing promotion for the brazilian IPL?

Mei said...

Hi, I don't know the ongoing rate for the promotion. It's best to cal them.

Yeah, it's good to be hairless and smooth! ;P

Remember to quote my number too: 81005130

Jaime said...

I'm posting this to prevent more ladies from falling for Dermis Beauty Wellness gimmicks (or scams I would call it). They have advertised on several coupons platforms and one of it is the 6/9/12 sessions of Brazilian IPL. Don't fall for it, don't buy!

I bought a voucher from for 6 sessions for Brazilian IPL at Dermis Beauty Wellness at The Bencoolen recently. As stated in the voucher, it is meant to be Brazilian, meaning the entire area. If the company is only going to provide a bikini line service, then it should be written on the terms and conditions. False advertising. So, when I arrived for my first appointment, I was told by the China lady that it is only valid for 10 "zaps" per session and any additional "zap" would cost me $3. I was only informed about this a few seconds just before my treatment, when I was already lying on the treatment bed. (Good tactic, gives you very little time to think). Initially, I told the lady that I will only go for 10 zaps in that case but the lady persuaded me that an additional 10 zaps would only cost me $30. With that, I thought that the whole treatment will only take 20 zaps and I agreed since Brazilian is such a small part and it was quite affordable. However, to my horror, I was told that a total of 51 zaps were done after the treatment! Of cos, the whole idea was not to make me pay ONLY for the 41 zaps, but to make me sign a package of "unlimited" zaps during the 6 sessions which costs $588!

Thinking that I didn't want to purchase a whole package, I asked her if I can forego the remaining 5 sessions which amounts to a total of 50 zaps and use that to offset what I have done. She refused to budge and even raised her voice at me and demanded for the payment when I started negotiating with her for some time. I didn't want to argue with her anymore and paid $123 for that 1 session.

I urge all the ladies out there to google before you purchase any of such deals. I have written to the company but has yet to receive a reply. I'm considering filing a complaint with case.