Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Musee Platinum Singapore Hair Removal : Upper Lip IPL

I went for my Musee Platinum IPL session today and tried something new! Guess which area I went for today?

I had to use this sticker to cover a mole near the treatment area. The therapist pointed out that the it'll be painful if my mole isn't covered.

And that's the mole besides my lip! Yes, I finally got down to trying IPL on my upper lip using my free coupons. You can try it out too! Simple quote my membership no: 81005130 when you sign up with Musee to enjoy a free upper lip session.

I was pretty afraid previously simply because it was my face! The therapist that attended to me today was a patient and friendly girl named Claire who put me at ease. She explained what was to be expected and told me that it'll take an average of 12 weeks for the hair to be permanently removed.

The whole process is fast! About 5 zaps in total and I had to blow air into my cheeks with my mouth close, looking just like a chipmunk.

Although it wasn't painful, I jumped everytime I see the bright flash. I guess it'll take a bit of getting used to. Claire mentioned that since upper lip hair is usually finer, it isn't painful for most people.

I thought I must have looked funny with the cooling pads after the session. But trust me, this picture makes it look painful but it isn't the least bit so. Give it a try yourself! ;)
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Anonymous said...

I'm not really sure how to contact you otherwise but I was wondering if you're still taking collagen pills? And if it's better than the tense up drinks? Ty.

Mei said...

Hi there,

I am still taking my collagen pills because I bought back a lot of packs. :|

But I feel the result with the Tense up drinks is better than the pills.

By the way, you can leave a comment here or give me your email address. I usually check my blog every few days.


Anonymous said...

hello! just to let you know, i'm gonna quote you @ Musee! thanks for your upper lip treatment in advance! :) pls continue to blog abt ur IPL sessions! thank you so much!!

Mei said...


Thank you! ;)

Julia said...

That is a very sensitive area....you're a very brave woman.

I decided to try laser hair removal on my legs only a few years ago because I got sick of shaving and waxing....
I've found a very nice offer at Skin Vitality close to my home and I decided to try it...even if I'm a little scared, the doctor promised me it won't hurt more that waxing...so that's good because I'm now familiar with the pain caused by waxing....
Maybe if this goes as planned I will try it on some other area, more sensitive...who knows...maybe "down there" because it would be nice to remove that pubic hair for a long time.

microdermabrasion said...

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Tobi Fistcher said...

Yeah, the IPL treatment is less painful than plucking the lip hair with tweezers or wax. You're fortunate that you had coupons to avail of that for free. Can you share an extra coupon for me? LOL. Just kidding. Maybe you can show us pictures of how you looked after the procedure!

Mei said...

Hi Tobi,

Unfortunately, the coupons are non-transferable.

Sure, the next round, i'll put up a pic of the after effect of my upper lip IPL.

But I think it'll just look shaved coz they have to shave the hair before every session.


Anonymous said...

hi mei, was there a significant reduction in hair after just 1 session for the upper lip? or do u have any idea how many sessions are needed for upper lip? thanks!

Mei said...


There isn't. And I think it'll take 6-8 sessions.

Good luck!