Saturday, April 16, 2011

A'REX Rail Review: Cheap Alternative From Incheon / Gimpo to Seoul

If you're looking for an alternative to get from Incheon Aiport to Seoul City, why not try the newly completed A'REX? Just recently completed in Dec 2010, there's now a direct train from Incheon or Gimpo to Seoul  Station in Seoul. 

Previously, to get to Seoul, 2 changes of train lines would be needed. Now, you'll only need to get on the A'REX train and in about 53 min's time, it'll comfortably get you to the heart of Seoul without a change of train.

Upon arrival at Incheon, just follow the signage that shows where the A'REX is, it is located at the basement. The signs aren't all the clear, so it may take you a while to follow the route to the new platform. 

A'REX Ticketing Machines

There's 2 types of train, the "Express Train" or the "Commuter Train". For comparison:

Since we probably would need a premium taxi to fit in 4 luggages, we thought the new A'REX looks like a better choice of airport transfer to Seoul City and decided to give the Commuter Train a try. It was easy to purchase the tickets with an option for English instructions.

A'REX Entrance to Platform

Moreover, there was no toll charges and no traffic jam. Only lugging of luggages across platforms when we reached Seoul for transfer to the train line that goes to our hotel.

I just cannot understand why anyone would choose the Express Train that comes every half an hour and reaches the city only 10 mins faster. And it cost more than 3 times as much as the Commuter Train!

I think the A'REX is really new and not many people are using it. Look at the deserted Incheon Airport platform on a Thursday afternoon.

Very New A'REX Train Interior

The trains are clean, new and really comfortable. And if I'm a solo traveler, I'll definitely choose to take the A'REX again for its value and convenience. 

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bearsticky said...

Hi, we are visiting Seoul during this Xmas, appreciate some tips:-
1. Whats the dif betw std taxi and premium taxi coz we hope to catch a taxi fr Incheon airport to Astoria Hotel? Where in the airport do we catch a cab and wld the driver know the directions if we give him the address in English?

2. We hope to use our iphones for internet and calls while in Seoul, anywhere at the airport can we get a local sim card?