Saturday, February 19, 2011

Alternative to Whatsapp: Kik Messenger!

 I've been using this free app since last November and I'm loving it.

When my best friend in Aussie insisted that I download Whatsapp, I just had to find a free alternative. And so I found Kik and insisted that she used that instead! Now, we Kik each other almost everyday.

Well, maybe I'm not a good judge as to which is better since I haven't tried Whatsapp. But from friends who have used both, I've been told that Kik is better:
  • It's faster than Whatsapp and instant like normal SMS whereas Whatsapp lags sometimes
  • It shows "D", "S" or "R" besides each message sent so you can know whether the message has been delayed by the server, sent or read by the recipient 
  • Basic emoticons are available 
  • It's free!

The downside is that Kik is not supported by BlackBerry 'coz it got "kik" by RIM. Good thing bf has switched from a BB to iPhone.

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