Monday, October 31, 2011

Too Cool For School Skincare & Make Up from Korea; Love it love it love it!!

When I discovered Too Cool For School in Myeongdong, I fell in love with it almost instantly.

It's a make up and skincare brand that carries a range of funky and experimentation products. Looking good should be fun like this!

I simply love it! The packaging is fun and the make up is really good to use. It's has an art school concept and the products are comfortably priced if you want to buy them as gifts too.

The red Art Class Lip Crayon on the bottom left of the picture is a red lip gloss that glides easily on my lips and the colour come out strong too. You can take a look at the other shade here. It's the best red "lipstick" I've found so far. Because it's a gloss, it's real easy to apply unlike the usual red lipstick; you won't need to worry about lining your lips etc.

The Rolly Doll is a handy perfume roll that smells oh-la-la~~

Well, you gotta check it out yourself if you're heading to Myeondong. The shop is numbered 23 on the map above. It's cute and it's cool...


Anonymous said...

yeah.. saw this shop in korea, at first i tot it was selling stationary stuff but was quite surprised was selling cosmetic stuff. :)

Mei said...

Ya, I have been to Seoul a few times and it's only the last trip that I discover this shop.

Initially I was a little skeptical about the products. They look nice but I wasn't sure whether it's of good quality. But the lip gloss is simply fantastic.

I have yet to use the eye shadow but my friend said it's fabulous. =)

Anonymous said...

yeah.. me too, maybe next time i go back to Seoul again can try it out..
Thanks.. :)

Loren said...

I love the quality of Too Cool For School! I was surprised by how good it is too. Thanks for checking out my blog - keep me updated on your Korea posts. The hotel you stayed at is just too cute!

Chai Ling said...

Hi, I would like to know when can I get the map of Myeondong like the one you have? Its useful!


Mei said...

Hi Chai Ling,

I got it from the hotel I stayed in; Hotel SkyPark Myeong-Dong 1.

Try asking for 1 from your hotel receptionist. =)