Monday, April 12, 2010

Silra Home(Singapore's Leprosy Relief Association) in Singapore

We joined some nice people from the Cravers Club Singapore and Lion's Club last Saturday morning at The Silra Home at Seng Kang.

One volunteer we met brings and serves lunch to the ex-leprosy patients there every Saturday. It's such a regular affair that all the patients really look forward to this meal of the week. 

The new premise looks comfortable and clean.

The Lion's Club donated 5 wheel chairs too. 

I remember when I was only 17 in JC, all students had to contribute a certain number of hours to volunteer work. My class initially decided upon visiting ex-leprosy patients but some of the classmates objected because of the social stigma attached to leprosy.

There's still some social stigma attached to the disease. We were told some of the patients were abandoned by their family due to their conditions. Just by bringing them a nice meal or spending time with the patients may mean something important to them. 

If you're keen to volunteer your service, do give them a call. Or you can also contribute by helping to buy packed lunch/drinks/snacks for their Saturday meals.

To me, it's meaningful that these car club people do not just meet up to talk about the cars, but also to contribute to and organize charity events.

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