Sunday, April 4, 2010

Joop Warehouse Sale at 313 Somerset

I passed by Joop store at 313 Somerset yesterday and saw a mess of clothings. Feeling rather shopping deprived, I walked in with the intention to just take a fast look.

I even scoffed at the rack of "2 for $10" clothings until the purple top caught my eyes. The tops all cost me $5 each, clothings are getting real cheap here!

My friend turned back and joined me in search for more super duper worth it buys. She was hesitant in buying the same long sleeve top (but in white colour) as it was a little too sweet in her opinion. With a little nudge, she was convinced by my rationalization that these $5 tops falls under the category of "must buy"... simply for being so cheap!!

It so wonderful to satisfy my shopping craving without the slightest tinge of guilt. What's more, we even received a $10 shopping mall voucher for a combine purchase of $50. Yeah... being cheapo for a day thrills me so!


Bridget =) said...

No wrong getting thrills from a gd bargain =) heee !

Mei said...

Hi Bridget,

Haha... Yup! The tops were really cheap! =)