Friday, April 23, 2010

Great Service Makes Me A Happy Girl (Magarita's @ Dempsey!)

I met up with 2 friends from Japan & Taiwan yesterday. To show our hospitality, we brought them to Dempsey for dinner & drinks.

For drinks, I recommended Margarita's. I simply love love love the strawberry and mango margaritas there. If you haven't tried it, do give it a go someday. It's a lovely and cheerful place to hang out and the margaritas are simply divine. It's so tasty that you won't even realise when you have a drop too much. *Hick* 

It's dangerously delicious!

The electricity tripped 3 times while we were there. Not a very good thing I know but they made it up when they allow us to finish up our wine even though they were closing at 11am.

I was pleasantly surprised as I seriously believe that it's hard to find great service here in Singapore. 

The extra half hour or so was precious and enough for us to enjoy the rest of our night with great conversations and drinks.

Great Food at Jumbo

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