Monday, April 26, 2010

I Love Books... The Old Fashion Way

With the launch of the new Apple iPad, ebooks can only gain popularity. And not to mention that the ebook market is definitely growing in US and Europe and that many are even selling their own ebooks on the internet these days.

A friend casually reminded me of this when he saw me carrying a book to keep myself occupied while waiting for bf to finish work on Saturday. He showed me how easily I can download all that I wanted to read into my iPhone. Why would anyone want to buy a physical book to lug around these days when you can get all sorts of information from nifty high tech gadgets?

Well, I have an intimate relationship with my books. I love to read. And I love to read books with pages that I can flip, with new paper that I can smell, with interesting covers and book spines that I can display on my bookshelf. In other words, I simply find ebooks too cold and electronic for my liking.

I can't slot cute bookmarks into my ebooks. I can't feel the excitement of holding my book after paying for them. I can't choose special edition ebooks with interesting covers. I can't relax my eyes reading from these gadgets. I can't feel ebooks calling out to me on the shelves with their unique identity. And the list goes on.

To me, the classic book has more character than an ebook.

I am not rejecting new technology, I'm just slow to catch up with it. For now, I am happy with my bulky books and will remain as one of those not seduced by new technology.

Until the day when the inconvenience of carrying a few books outweighs the pleasure I derive from them, I'll just enjoy my books in the old fashion way that feed my soul.

What about you?


Brandi said...

Oddly, I had this conversation with a few classmates and a professor yesterday. The prof thought physical books would disappear in 10 years. I'm positive they won't. I love getting away from technology and just reading. There are some new books that even have that special new book smell that makes you want to bury your face in the page and breath (I just did this recently with the Oxford Handbook of Science and Religion...I know, I'm weird). But I also use ebooks. Especially for class books. They're easier to carry, I can highlight them and make lots of notes and I don't feel bad about it (I hate doing that to real books, unless I'm using pencil). Really great post.

Mei said...

Hi Brandi,

I think like you and believe that physical books will exist for a long time to come.

It's very much like how people used to think radio may lose it presence in our lives but it hasn't! ;)


la papillion said...

Hi Mei,

I am in the process of getting a kindle e-reader :) Hey, I still love holding a book in my hands - I still love the smell of new books :)

I figured that I'll get a cheap 2nd hand e-reader. Why? I've problems reading things off the computers. It's too straining. I've seen how the e-reader with the e-ink works, so I'm convinced it'll definitely help.

There's no way it can replace physical books and hey, I'll still buy books that are of value to me. But for all others, there'll be my e-book reader :)

la papillion said...

Sorry, I forgot to check on the email option :)

Mei said...

la papillion,

Yeah, I saw a program on cable TV about this special ink that adjust to the lighting. I think that was e-ink they were talking about.

Should be good I guess. ;)