Thursday, April 8, 2010

Our New Ride - Old Gold Honda CR-V

We collected the car 2 days ago.

It's old gold colour! Apparently, gold is a colour for older people when it comes to car. Hmmmm... but we're very please with our new old gold car. 

The both of us have always like the Honda CR-V, especially the white one. Yet, we've never considered it. 

One day, bf just called to tell me that he will buy a new car on that day itself to beat the COE price hike caused by the government's pegging of the number of COEs to the actual number of vehicle de-registrations.   Within 2 hours, we selected and purchased the car.

He paid $18k for COE and the price bid value is $36k. Yeah! And it's already $45k now.

And bf said I look small behind the wheel...

2 comments: said...

Is this why you are loving your 30's?

Mei said... Just loving it as I realize what I want and being more comfortable in my own skin as I get older. =)