Friday, April 30, 2010

29th April Is My Day!

I celebrated my birthday with my family recently at a cozy neighborhood Thai eatery called E-Sarn Thai Cuisine situated at Ridgewood Close.

At E-Sarn, I tasted one of the best tom yam soup ever! It's a must try!

I was rather hungry when I arrived and the tom yam soup was the first dish to be served. After taking just 1 mouthful, I couldn't stop finishing the whole bowl of it. Because of that, I suffered a minor stomachache midway through my meal. But it was all worth it! =)

Val's new pose

Acting cute with yee yee

The grilled pork was not too bad also and overall, the food is value for money. I will go back again to check out the ice cream cafe next door. It's a nice place to chill.

The next day on my birthday itself, bf treated me to a hotel stay. Guess which hotel this is:

Yeah, the rather new Resorts World Sentosa Hard Rock Hotel. The guitar-shaped toiletries container looks kinda cute eh?

The room is so so but the pool is simply fantastic!

View of sand pool from our room

I simply love the sand. I was told that they were specially imported from Australia at the price of SGD$500,000!

The sand is fine enough and yet, the grains are not so fine that they will stay on your skin when your brush them off. It's amazing! I really enjoyed the recreated beach at the hotel.

There is a total of 4 pools with 1 sand pool. Although my fear of the harmful sun rays and chlorine damaged hair have caught up with age, it wasn't enough to keep me away from swimming.

And I tasted my first rabbit meat pasta at Palio at Hotel Michael. Did you know rabbit meat taste like a cross between chicken and tuna? Anyway, The Spaghetti Frutti Di Mare is better. One of the better ones I've tasted.  

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