Sunday, March 14, 2010

What Kind of Bug Is This??

Went for dinner after the rain and was enjoying the walk with the cool evening wind when I saw this huge bug. 

It measured about 7cm in length.

What kind of bug is this? Tell me if you know yah?


Pokagon Member said...

bohzo (Hello)

I love your blog. I do not know what kind of beetle that this is. It looks scary!

Have a great day, you have a great blog!


Mei said...

Hi David,

Thank you! You've a great blog there too! =)


Cobalt Paladin said...

The beetle is known as Japanese Fighting Beetle. :)

Mei said...

Wow thanks! Now, I finally know. It's a huge one.

Jo said...

Hi stumbled here from CC.

It's a horned beetle or rhinoceros beetle. My teacher caught one in when i was in pri school and that image of the beetle in the tank stayed for life!

Mei said...

Hi Jo,

Haha.. yes, this beetle really looks interesting and it was huge. I like bugs and it's a cute one to me!