Sunday, March 28, 2010

How To Claim Blog with Technorati

Thought I can share this info since I have FINALLY successfully submitted my blog claim with Technorati.

1) If like me, you're using Feedburner, sign in and burn your feed. and click on "Edit Feed Details" To find out what's your blog feed address.

2) Then copy your blog feed address which is indicated in the green box below and paste it under "Settings > Site Feed > Post Feed Redirect URL" field box in blogger.

3) This feed address is also what you need to enter under the Feed URL field box in Technorati. Enter all the other required details according in Technorati and you'll be sent a unique claim code.

4) Post this unique claim code in a new temporary post in your blog. and go back to Technorati to claim your blog (click on "Check Claim") with the new code posted on the blog.

5) Technorati will send you an email to inform you on the success of this claim and you may remove the temporary post from your blog.

6) Done!! =)

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