Monday, March 15, 2010

I Am So Sick Of Being Sick!

I have been falling sick on a monthly basis since Jan 2010.

It seems like my immunity is really weak. Every time the babies or someone close to me is sick, I'll bound to get it too.

I am SO sick of being sick... I just recovered from my high fever and was unable to work today. It's so tiring to be sick.

Besides exercising and taking multi-vitamins, how else can I boost my immunity?


Pokagon Member said...

bohzo (Hello)

This is not good to hear. I have the same problem and got tested and nothing was wrong with me except I get sick all the time.

I started taking good vitamins and vegetables and fruit tablets and and I get sick a lot less, they are at any health food store. One pill is like a bunch of super foods for the immune system.

Hope you feel better.


Mei said...

Hi Bodewadmi,

Thanks! I'll heed your advise and take my multi-vitamins regularly from now onwards! =)


Jo said...

Take care! I'm also sick too and I totally understand that it sux to be sick. Been on mc the past 2 days. Throat infection, cough and cold. My voice got robbed like a thief in the night too.

Mei said...

Hi Jo,

Try coconut juice! My throat got better after drinking it yesterday and you take care too! Rest well over this weekend! =)

Mei said...

I'll like to share that after taking my daily does of multi-vits and vit c, I seem to be able to keep the germs at bay.