Monday, March 22, 2010

New Car Shopping

This conversation took place about 2 weeks back at the Honda showroom:

BF:                      What about the off-white for the CRV?

Salesman:     It's the same as that pearly white CRV over there.

Me:                    No, there's one more milky white that's not so white white. That's the white we both like.
Salesman:     Hmmm.... There has always been only 1 white for the Honda CRV.

BF:                     Maybe it's a very old model?

Salesman:     Hmmm.... No le....

Me:                   There it is, that's the kind of white we are referring to. (pointing to a creamy white CRV that 
                            just passed us)

Salesman:      Oh, that one never wash and wax la. 

BF & I:               Oh! Hehe... (feel very very silly)

Needless to say, we didn't choose the white one even though it was my favourite kind of "white" for cars all these while.


Anonymous said...

/think you are referring to the championship white (or Type R white)

Mei said...

Hi there,

I think you're right. and we thought the CR-V has the same white. Apparently, that was from not washing/waxing the car regularly.

Cheers! =)