Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Creation vs Evolution

Why can't evolution coexists with creation? 

I believe God exists. And I believe God planned for us to evolve. 


Pokagon Member said...

bohzo Meizc

You are correct. Life is way to complex to be an accident. Just the eye, so many things must work in perfect harmony for an eye to work. then a finger, the nerves and tendons, the bones all must be perfect. the heart the brain. even our planet must be perfect for us not to burn up and die from a lack of oxygen.

To many things must be perfect for a reasonable person to believe it happened from a bang and everything feel in place.

have a great day!


Mei said...

Hi David,

Great to hear from you and find a like minded friend too! I have the exact same thinking as you and just written a post on it.

So many planets out there in this vast universe and this one can support so many life forms.

You have a good day too! =)