Monday, October 31, 2011

Too Cool For School Skincare & Make Up from Korea; Love it love it love it!!

When I discovered Too Cool For School in Myeongdong, I fell in love with it almost instantly.

It's a make up and skincare brand that carries a range of funky and experimentation products. Looking good should be fun like this!

I simply love it! The packaging is fun and the make up is really good to use. It's has an art school concept and the products are comfortably priced if you want to buy them as gifts too.

The red Art Class Lip Crayon on the bottom left of the picture is a red lip gloss that glides easily on my lips and the colour come out strong too. You can take a look at the other shade here. It's the best red "lipstick" I've found so far. Because it's a gloss, it's real easy to apply unlike the usual red lipstick; you won't need to worry about lining your lips etc.

The Rolly Doll is a handy perfume roll that smells oh-la-la~~

Well, you gotta check it out yourself if you're heading to Myeondong. The shop is numbered 23 on the map above. It's cute and it's cool...

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hotel Skypark Myeongdong 1 Seoul Review

Seoul's Hotel Skypark Myeong-Dong 1 is a really interesting hotel and it's easy to locate. The nearest exit from the subway is Exit 6. Just walk down the street after exiting Exit 6 and turn left on the first turn you come to. The hotel is right next to the retail store SPAO. Map can be found here.

I find Hotel Skypark Myeongdong 1 interesting because the hotel entrance is small and the lobby is actually situated on the 11th floor!

From the street, it's seems uninteresting but when the lift opens up to the lobby on the 11th floor, you can see that it's a pretty neat hotel that utilizes whatever small space it has.

The weighing machine at the lobby is a plus point too. The lobby decor gives me a retro chic feel.

The hotel is pretty new and there's several nice Japanese drawings hung around. 

One of the niceties is this outdoor roof garden. I spent a few nights here drinking and chatting while enjoying Seoul's cool autumn air. **Bliss**

When I first checked into my room, I was pleasantly surprised that there's a small space decorated by Etude House that allows you to try on their nail polishes for free. Cute right?

The room is a little small, just like those of Japan's hotels but the hotel's superb location more than made up for it. 

Even the toilet is small and the shower space is from where the shower curtains are to the other end of the wall (ie. half of the small bathroom) But the presence of the bidet is great! There's pressure, water temperature and even angle controls.

As you can probably tell, the hotel has some ongoing promotions with Etude House and it was a bonus to me that hotel guests get to enjoy a one time 10% off for Etude House purchase. Just head to the reception and ask for the coupon if you want one.

Overall, I really enjoyed staying at Hotel Skypark Myeong-Dong 1 because of its excellent location. It's so close to the train exit and the shopping street is right at its door step. Lotteria is right opposite too in case you get hungry at night.

There's even a supermarket to the left of the hotel. It's about 700m away. If you don't mind the space, this hotel will be perfect. I had a really comfortable stay there and find it value for money. I'm going to stay here again when I next go back to Seoul! 

Friday, October 21, 2011

Peppa Pig Sticker Book

Have I ever mentioned how darn cute I think Peppa Pig is? Check out their site here.

It's simply snorty cute!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Musee Platinum Singapore Hair Removal : Upper Lip IPL

I went for my Musee Platinum IPL session today and tried something new! Guess which area I went for today?

I had to use this sticker to cover a mole near the treatment area. The therapist pointed out that the it'll be painful if my mole isn't covered.

And that's the mole besides my lip! Yes, I finally got down to trying IPL on my upper lip using my free coupons. You can try it out too! Simple quote my membership no: 81005130 when you sign up with Musee to enjoy a free upper lip session.

I was pretty afraid previously simply because it was my face! The therapist that attended to me today was a patient and friendly girl named Claire who put me at ease. She explained what was to be expected and told me that it'll take an average of 12 weeks for the hair to be permanently removed.

The whole process is fast! About 5 zaps in total and I had to blow air into my cheeks with my mouth close, looking just like a chipmunk.

Although it wasn't painful, I jumped everytime I see the bright flash. I guess it'll take a bit of getting used to. Claire mentioned that since upper lip hair is usually finer, it isn't painful for most people.

I thought I must have looked funny with the cooling pads after the session. But trust me, this picture makes it look painful but it isn't the least bit so. Give it a try yourself! ;)
Read more (member no.: 81005130):

Monday, October 3, 2011 Review; Great Place To Get Cheap Korean Books

Since I am learning Korean, I thought it's important to get myself a Korean-English dictionary and a handy phrasebook. The choices of Korean Language books is really limited in Singapore, so, I went online instead.

I stumbled upon the website and was happy to know that I can readily get the books at a fraction of the price from local bookstores. And best of all, shipping is free too!

I chose these 2 books at less than $10 each! To try out the fast shipping service, I added $3.81 to the Lonely Planet Phrasebook. 

This is the order and delivery timeline:

14 September  - Ordered 2 books (Collins Dictionary & Lonely Planet Phrasebook)
22 September  - Lonely Planet Phrasebook delivered (paid $3.81 extra for fast shipping)
3 October        - Collins Dictionary delivered (normal free shipping)

It was stated when ordering that it'll take only 3 days for fast shipping of the Lonely Planet Phrasebook but it took close to a week instead. Hence, if you don't need the books urgently, I think it's more worth it to just wait for about a week more.

I'll give this website a rating of 7/10.

+ Points:
  • Cheap books
  • Reliable website
  • Easy to navigate
  • Accurate order tracking
    • There's an additional order history page that'll inform you of the estimated shipping and arrival dates. The date here is very accurate. Oddly enough, even the Lonely Planet Phrasebook was estimated to arrive later than on the ordering page.
  • Step by step order tracking
    • As seen below, you can track your orders step by step

- Points:
  • Hard to reach Customer Service; you can only email them
  • Product title description was not clear; the Collins Dictionary turned out surprisingly small. It was more of a pocket dictionary and I just realised that I've missed out the "compact, portable format" description. 
  • Limited range of books
Overall, I'm happy and will shop with again.

The Lonely Planet phrasebook has proven to be very useful and easy to read. As for the Collins Dictionary, I like that it is a 2 way  dictionary with  examples of phrases on words usage.

Well, looking on the bright side, I can carry this handy dictionary everywhere I go now! I just hope that my eyesight will not deteriorate because of it! ;)