Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tokyo Tsukiji Fish Market Food Adventure

Here are some pictures of my first trip to Tokyo Tsukiji Fish Market in May this year. 

I stayed at Hotel Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku which has a Tokyo Subway Station elevator right next to the hotel entrance, making it exceptionally convenient to stumble my way to Tsukiji Market in the wee hours of the morning. Read more about the hotel here.

We reached Tsukiji Fish Market early in the morning when the sun has just risen. We didn't make plans to experience the tuna auction 'coz it was way beyond my waking ability. If you want to do so, click here for more information.

So, we only walked around the outside market looking at all the fresh seafood catch of the day.

Then, we came upon this shop that hung up a lot of wild life! *Gasp*

I quickly took some shots. Look at the bear, eagle, crocodile etc! I don't know what were they selling exactly but I think it's dried seafood.

We also came across quite a few Tamagoyaki specialty shops in Tsukiji Fish Market like the one below.

And one little interesting fried fugu store where we had a little pre-breakfast snack.

This whole shop sells Fugu aka Puffer fish.

We also had a Sashimi breakfast, the must do in Tsukiji Fish market even though I wasn't really up to it; eating raw food for breakfast.

It was the best Sashimi we had that trip. 

A Mix Of Raw & Slightly Cooked Fish & Horse Meat

You can read more about my food adventures in my last Tokyo trip here too.

I really miss Japan and posting up these pictures make me relief the happy moments all over again! Yeah! =)

Thursday, July 14, 2011 Website Review: Quality, Low Priced & Reliable Health Supplements Online Website

I've never tried buying health supplements online until 2 months back. was introduced by a Korean friend who uses it regularly and a stranger who recommended the natural herbs website in a forum I frequent.

So, I casually surfed the website and realised has a very wide range of heath supplements for both health and beauty needs.  A Vitamin B&C supplement that suits mine and bf's needs caught my eyes: 

::Stress Relief:: 

It was priced at a very value rate of 10.92USD and had many good reviews! So, I click on the "buy" button and opted for normal international airmail.Not knowing whether the website was reliable or not back then, I   didn't want to pay extra for UPS postage. The normal international airmail cost is very low and seem like a lower risk at 4USD only.

You may be surprised to know has tracking service for USA, Japan & Korea so I guess their business is huge!

I've been taking Hi-Stress B&C and would say that it helps for me. I don't feel so lethargic if I start my day with 2 tablets of this.

They even gave me a free sachet of Cococeps with my purchase.

The only drawback  with is that using the normal international airmail took the product more than 2 weeks to reach me here in Singapore.

But it's not a big issue 'coz I'll simply opt for UPS mailing in future. I've decided to just buy most of my health supplements from now if they're cheaper. I'm sure it'll be more value to use UPS the more I buy each time.

-Low Priced
-Wide Range of Health Supplements
-Reliable Website
-Stock Status
-Free Sample
-Loyalty Program

What is there not to like yeah?

For you 1st time buyers, you can save 5USD for your 1st purchase if you quote my code: VEW578What's in it for me? I can earn monetary commission off my future purchases with details here.

So, why am I recommending Just because I'm one happy customer. Hope you'll find it a good deal like me. Yeah to health!

Read here for 10 reasons to use which will answer most of your concerns

Read here about other products reviews.
Here too.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Great Shopping Buys From Tokyo - Ni

I didn't buy as much beauty products this trip since I still have a lot of beauty products from my last Japan and Seoul trip. 

So here is what I got in May from my Tokyo trip:

The hydration paper sheet mask was so good and cheap that I just had to get more. When in Japan, do scout around and you may soon notice some toiletries shops or even pharmacies sell the same item at  lower prices. 

I just started using the blue bottle of pore minimizing Cleansing Express make-up remover on the left. The texture is not bad and I love it for it's clean and refreshing feel. Even though it's not oily, it removes my make up very well.

As for the eye-shadows, you'll be surprised at how much I've paid for it. I got them from Daiso and it cost me about 1.60SGD each!! But low priced doesn't mean low quality in this case, the colour pigments turn out  strong and the feel is smooth and soft to touch. I am loving the 12 colours palette; spoilt for choice at such great value!!

By the way, samples were given out so freely on the streets. I got several free skincare products and a pack of tissue on the way out from Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku to the JR Shinjuku South Exit every morning. Haha..

Fancl is another beauty brand that's totally worth buying in Japan. Unlike brands like Sheseido and SKII which are priced the same in Singapore. So, I bought some pretty eye-shadows and a blusher. The small eye-shadows cost about 9SGD each only and the blusher about 12SGD.

As for the Fancl Eye Serum, it costs less than 18SGD! In Singapore, it is selling at 37.50SGD.  I'm almost done with 1 tube and it only moisturizes slightly; I didn't see any significant improvements on my fine lines. It's good for those who wants light hydration. It's moisturizing enough without being oily.

I also shopped quite a bit in Daiso this trip and found many cute items. Above are the 2 dish washing sponges for my family. So cute that you want to squeeze their cheeks right?

Other great buys from this trip were mainly sport items. I didn't have the intention to get any but it was cheap so I just got myself a new pair of Nike sneakers. I simply couldn't resist the yummy orange coloured tick! This pair of Nike sneakers is from L-Breath in Shinjuku, a 7 storeys of sports stuff shopping. The discounted items were displayed outside the shop by the street and I was obviously tempted. It cost 3419JPY after tax refund and do remember to ask for tax refund by showing your passport.

You can check out how the L-Breath building look like from this blog.

Bf got a same pair in green from our last Japan trip from Osaka Rinku Town Premium Outlet. Now, we're matchy matchy!!

Another place with cheap sportswear find is one of the streets at Asakusa. I cannot remember where exactly but it was one of the streets that is perpendicular to the main Nakamise Street and on its right when walking away from Senso-ji Temple. Maybe it's Shin-Nakamise-Don...??

Anyway, it's the same thing. Heavily discounted items are placed by the streets and Adidas cap was going for about 12SGD each only. The top cost me around 15SGD and I ended up getting things I don't really need. But hey, it's co cheap right? ;)

If Adidas is the brand you like, do drop by Ameyoko Market for cheap Adidas sports shoes. The babies and children sports shoes are aplenty there and you'll probably find something for yourself too.

Mum wanted a small casual tote bag so I bought her this mini Agnes b tote in maroon and grey colour. It's not the latest collection but it's a nice colour for her age. Heh. 

**Shopping Tips**

If you want the older Agnes b designs or the more popular one that get sold out very fast, go to the lesser traffic malls like O|O| departmental store in Ueno. The Ueno O|O| departmental store is just right opposite the JR train station and it was there that I finally found a suitable Agnes b bag for my mum. 

For Burberry Blue/Black Label or other brands available in Takashimaya, do go to the Takashimaya departmental store for your purchases if you own the Takashimaya credit card. Cardholders are entitled to a further 5% discount. Head to the information counter to exchange for the shopping vouchers before making your purchases.

Another cute and value outlet is called 3coins. The concept is like the 100yen shops but the items are of higher quality and better designs. With just 500yen, you can buy many interesting and lovely gift items. Just take a look at their website and blog and you'll know what I mean. I got myself many items yet I wish I could lug back more.

Lastly, one of my favourite shopping discoveries this trip is Jiyugaoka(自由が丘). I've written one whole post on this fashionable residential area that has many charming shops. If you can spare the time, I strongly recommend Jiyugaoka. I'm sure you'll understand why I love it so once you've been there.

Monday, July 11, 2011

CA*California Restaurant At Dempsey Hill Review

Bf had an unexpectedly free Saturday this week so we ventured to Dempsey for a relaxing weekend lunch.

Lovely Picture From Jones The Grocer Main Page

It seems like Singaporeans all flock to the same few places on weekends and our first choice of Jones The Grocer was packed! Being the impatient girl that I am, I couldnt bear to wait for 10-30 mins just for a meal that is not that fabulous IMO. 

So, Culina was next and it was packed too with some chi chi people eating oysters and sipping white wine. Well, we had to wait for about 20 mins so I crossed that place out too.

We conveniently hop by to the next door restaurant which turned out to be CA*California

I didn't know what to make out of the restaurant and what it serves exactly but the friendly waiter and available seats were just so inviting. Without hesitation, I walked right in to take shelter from the hot hot July sun.

My initial thought was to have a serving of salad since I wasn't even hungry. Somehow, the ambiance had an effect that made me greedy to try the many sandwiches and wraps they serve (and I'm not even a bread person to begin with).

I ordered the recommended BBQ Chicken Burrito at $15.80 and it was tasty! The wrap was so fragrant and perfectly toasted. Stuffed with chicken pieces, mushrooms and melted cheddar cheese, I just couldn't stop chomping away. This dish is yummy and the portion is just nice. The only thing I didn't like about it was the guacamole sauce.

Bf chose the In-coming Burger. It cost $14.80 and you can add ingredients by topping up more (for eg, $4 for cheese which we find pricey).

Anyway, he didn't add anything to it and he felt that the burger was a little bland without sauce or cheese. It helped by  adding some salsa / taco sauce to the burger. But I really like the way the dish was presented with 2 slices of orange. It made the whole serving more appetizing and seemingly more wholesome.

So, we had a good dish and a not so good one. Overall, I would say this is a pretty decent and cozy place to go to at Dempsey, especially when the other places are always so crowded!

The indoor seats are pretty limited and I was surprised that we could get a seat immediately. The booth that we were seated in was quaint and provided some privacy with the curtains. 

In fact, CA*California shares the same space as Ben & Jerry's which is located right on the other side of their kitchen.

I was happy enough with the orange as my dessert that day. And bored enough to blog about this.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tasty Snack From Korea

I was back in Seoul just 2 weeks ago and my friend simply love Dr You's snacks. I must say the prawn crackers is really not bad. If you are going to Seoul, do give it a try. It is easily available from Family Mart, 7 Eleven or other major supermarkets.

It goes well with beer and make a good snack on the road.

And of course I bought my favourite Korean Black Raspberry Wine from the DFS inside Incheon Airport again.

Instead of the above, I bought the cheaper alternative from another DFS shop. It comes packed in 200ml x 5 bottles, making it easier to drink or to give away as a small gift.

Moreover, if you buy 2 boxes, you can get a 5% discount from the 22USD/box. For 3 boxes and above, it'll be a 10% discount. 

But... I prefer the bottle I bought from my April 2011 trip. The wine doesn't taste so acidic and has a fuller body. For about $30 more, I think it's definitely more worth its price! It's a perfect family drink that even old folks like! ;)