Sunday, June 27, 2010

An Indian Night Out - Tandoor North Indian Restaurant @ Holiday Inn Singapore

Friday's birthday celebration at Tandoor North Indian Restaurant is probably the last birthday celebration this year for my family. I got Val to write a birthday card for my sis and here she is happily posing with it. 

Not too bad an attempt for a 3 years old although it got worse towards the end... The words are actually:


The award winning Tandoor North Indian Restaurant's ambiance is really classy and cozy and made us feel very welcomed.

We ordered a lamb curry, a chicken curry, a brinjal dish and a exceptionally well-cooked grilled fish dish called Mahi Rai. And  of course 2 non-spicy dishes (chicken & cheese) for the little girls.

I particularly like the Paneer (cheese) for North Indian food and everyone loves the Mahi Rai. It had a tinge of sourly lemony taste that blended so well with the richly flavoured fish. With each bite of the fish, there was a burst of flavours!

We were told by the manager that this dish is prepared with a kind of Spanish mackerel marinated for at least 6 hours. The ingredients consist of mustard seed, ginger and tumeric and it is the mustard seed that helps deliver the wonderful flavour into the fillet during the 6 hours marination.

The Mango Lassi was good too and we had a yummy dinner that night. With a Standard Charted credit card, you can even enjoy a further 15% discount! 

Read more review about Tandoor North Indian Restaurant here. Apparently, their set lunch is really value for money!

At the end of the meal, we were served this sweet treat. The "rice bits" tasted like they were spice perfume and even little Clara had some of it. The taste of perfume lingered in the mouth and this was a nice touch to finish off the dinner. 

Does anyone know what this is called? Do leave me a message if you do.

On the whole, we had a very pleasant evening with great service. And don't be deceived by little Clara's demure and blur look here, she was so comfortable that night at the restaurant that she kept saying "Hello!" to everyone who walked past. 

And I also found out that this little feisty 1.5 years old girl here can take spicy food!

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That spiced rice like things is actually fennel seeds which are coated with sugary and aromatic spices. It is an indian condiment and usually had after meals. It helps in digestion of food.

Mei said...

oic, thanks for sharing. the seeds are really aromatic and smells like perfume! it's an interesting condiments and leaves a lovely after taste. ;)

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Mei said...

Thank you!

Oh yes, I think India is a beautiful place and want to visit it someday soon. =)