Saturday, June 5, 2010

MPH CityLink Mall Moving Out Sales

I got this book, The Secret Currency Of Love, a few days back from the MPH Moving Out Sales at CityLink Mall. It only cost me $8. And there was lots of good buys with books starting from $6!

The Secret Currency of Love is basically a series of short essays put together by different women (all writers I think) on their perspective of money and the effect it has on their relationships.

It's light reading and amusingly entertaining albeit a little skewed towards women who seemed to all come from the east coast of US. Although some moaned and groaned about having a slightly lack of money, they all came across as fiscally comfortable enough to pursue the idealistic and artistic career of writing.

Well, it just goes to show everyone has money issues no matter which financial positions you are in life. And oh... all the many meanings we give to money when it is merely a tool for exchange.

Anyway, the sales ends in end Jun 2010 and it's worth popping over if you're in town. The most expensive books cost only $20 each. ;)

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