Friday, June 18, 2010

God Has A Plan For Us All

And his plan is written in your bazi, your destiny chart, whatever terms you want to give to it.

Believing in this doesn't make me an advocate for fortune telling (most fortune tellers aren't all that accurate anyway). Believing in this doesn't mean I think that everything is fixed and cannot be changed by man's actions and decisions. 

Believing in this merely mean that I believe some things are fated to happen. Some people are fated to cross your paths. And your destiny can be changed, only if you really truly want it to by taking actions!

Do you have similar beliefs? Share yours with me! =)


Mei said...

Bf doesn't believe and he's laughing his head off right now. He thinks it's silly and obiang!

Rheea said...

I totally believe that everything and people that cross our path are mean to teach us something in life. I guess this is what's so exciting about life.. we're constantly learning new things everyday!

Thank you for stopping by my blog and oh, I love your profile description! I'm halfway there (in finding my life purpose), I guess. ;)

Have a FUNtastic weekend~