Monday, July 5, 2010

Mochamp at Raffles Xchange, Raffles Place MRT Shopping - BAD Customer Service

I always wonder why people who dislike serving ends up in the service line. 

Just last week, I met a very rude saleswoman from Mochamp (#B1-56) at Raffles Xchange. The shop was running a massive sale and I decided to buy a top and a dress. 

However, the top was faulty with torn lace. The salesperson sewed the torn portion and and told me that it'll do but I noticed the another tear along the lace. The top was white (the torn portion will show up more clearly against my skin tone) and with 2 tears, I contemplated before trying my luck by asking for a discount as I really liked it. And I did this in a nice and polite tone.

The lady curtly replied that the top was already discounted and the torn portion mended. I pointed out the next tear to her and she so very rudely snatched the top from my hand. Putting it next to her, she said in a rude tone that I shouldn't buy it then and proceeded to ask for my payment for the dress.

I told her I wasn't going to get it because she was so rude and walked out from the shop.

I couldn't believe that this salesperson thought that I would still want to part with my money with this kind of attitude of hers! She should not be in the service line if she doesn't want to serve.

Even if the dress cost a dirt cheap amount of $1, I'll still not pay her a single cent. Her service is cheap but I am not!

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