Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tokyo Tsukiji Fish Market Food Adventure

Here are some pictures of my first trip to Tokyo Tsukiji Fish Market in May this year. 

I stayed at Hotel Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku which has a Tokyo Subway Station elevator right next to the hotel entrance, making it exceptionally convenient to stumble my way to Tsukiji Market in the wee hours of the morning. Read more about the hotel here.

We reached Tsukiji Fish Market early in the morning when the sun has just risen. We didn't make plans to experience the tuna auction 'coz it was way beyond my waking ability. If you want to do so, click here for more information.

So, we only walked around the outside market looking at all the fresh seafood catch of the day.

Then, we came upon this shop that hung up a lot of wild life! *Gasp*

I quickly took some shots. Look at the bear, eagle, crocodile etc! I don't know what were they selling exactly but I think it's dried seafood.

We also came across quite a few Tamagoyaki specialty shops in Tsukiji Fish Market like the one below.

And one little interesting fried fugu store where we had a little pre-breakfast snack.

This whole shop sells Fugu aka Puffer fish.

We also had a Sashimi breakfast, the must do in Tsukiji Fish market even though I wasn't really up to it; eating raw food for breakfast.

It was the best Sashimi we had that trip. 

A Mix Of Raw & Slightly Cooked Fish & Horse Meat

You can read more about my food adventures in my last Tokyo trip here too.

I really miss Japan and posting up these pictures make me relief the happy moments all over again! Yeah! =)

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