Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Great Shopping Buys From Tokyo - Ni

I didn't buy as much beauty products this trip since I still have a lot of beauty products from my last Japan and Seoul trip. 

So here is what I got in May from my Tokyo trip:

The hydration paper sheet mask was so good and cheap that I just had to get more. When in Japan, do scout around and you may soon notice some toiletries shops or even pharmacies sell the same item at  lower prices. 

I just started using the blue bottle of pore minimizing Cleansing Express make-up remover on the left. The texture is not bad and I love it for it's clean and refreshing feel. Even though it's not oily, it removes my make up very well.

As for the eye-shadows, you'll be surprised at how much I've paid for it. I got them from Daiso and it cost me about 1.60SGD each!! But low priced doesn't mean low quality in this case, the colour pigments turn out  strong and the feel is smooth and soft to touch. I am loving the 12 colours palette; spoilt for choice at such great value!!

By the way, samples were given out so freely on the streets. I got several free skincare products and a pack of tissue on the way out from Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku to the JR Shinjuku South Exit every morning. Haha..

Fancl is another beauty brand that's totally worth buying in Japan. Unlike brands like Sheseido and SKII which are priced the same in Singapore. So, I bought some pretty eye-shadows and a blusher. The small eye-shadows cost about 9SGD each only and the blusher about 12SGD.

As for the Fancl Eye Serum, it costs less than 18SGD! In Singapore, it is selling at 37.50SGD.  I'm almost done with 1 tube and it only moisturizes slightly; I didn't see any significant improvements on my fine lines. It's good for those who wants light hydration. It's moisturizing enough without being oily.

I also shopped quite a bit in Daiso this trip and found many cute items. Above are the 2 dish washing sponges for my family. So cute that you want to squeeze their cheeks right?

Other great buys from this trip were mainly sport items. I didn't have the intention to get any but it was cheap so I just got myself a new pair of Nike sneakers. I simply couldn't resist the yummy orange coloured tick! This pair of Nike sneakers is from L-Breath in Shinjuku, a 7 storeys of sports stuff shopping. The discounted items were displayed outside the shop by the street and I was obviously tempted. It cost 3419JPY after tax refund and do remember to ask for tax refund by showing your passport.

You can check out how the L-Breath building look like from this blog.

Bf got a same pair in green from our last Japan trip from Osaka Rinku Town Premium Outlet. Now, we're matchy matchy!!

Another place with cheap sportswear find is one of the streets at Asakusa. I cannot remember where exactly but it was one of the streets that is perpendicular to the main Nakamise Street and on its right when walking away from Senso-ji Temple. Maybe it's Shin-Nakamise-Don...??

Anyway, it's the same thing. Heavily discounted items are placed by the streets and Adidas cap was going for about 12SGD each only. The top cost me around 15SGD and I ended up getting things I don't really need. But hey, it's co cheap right? ;)

If Adidas is the brand you like, do drop by Ameyoko Market for cheap Adidas sports shoes. The babies and children sports shoes are aplenty there and you'll probably find something for yourself too.

Mum wanted a small casual tote bag so I bought her this mini Agnes b tote in maroon and grey colour. It's not the latest collection but it's a nice colour for her age. Heh. 

**Shopping Tips**

If you want the older Agnes b designs or the more popular one that get sold out very fast, go to the lesser traffic malls like O|O| departmental store in Ueno. The Ueno O|O| departmental store is just right opposite the JR train station and it was there that I finally found a suitable Agnes b bag for my mum. 

For Burberry Blue/Black Label or other brands available in Takashimaya, do go to the Takashimaya departmental store for your purchases if you own the Takashimaya credit card. Cardholders are entitled to a further 5% discount. Head to the information counter to exchange for the shopping vouchers before making your purchases.

Another cute and value outlet is called 3coins. The concept is like the 100yen shops but the items are of higher quality and better designs. With just 500yen, you can buy many interesting and lovely gift items. Just take a look at their website and blog and you'll know what I mean. I got myself many items yet I wish I could lug back more.

Lastly, one of my favourite shopping discoveries this trip is Jiyugaoka(自由が丘). I've written one whole post on this fashionable residential area that has many charming shops. If you can spare the time, I strongly recommend Jiyugaoka. I'm sure you'll understand why I love it so once you've been there.


Paisley said...

I found this article very helpful to me ...thanks for such a good work

Mei said...

Hi Paisley ,

I'm glad it's of help to you!

Cheers! =)

Anne said...

I'm going to the Tokyo for the first time soon and found your site while searching info about the Hotel Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku. Thank you for your recommendations and detailed descriptions, they're very helpful!

I'm excited about going to Jiyugaoka as well and only worried about buying everything I see.


Mei said...

Hi there,

Yes, going t Tokyo is indeed so exciting!

You'll love Jiyugaoka. Check out the 300yen shops around the city. You can buy to your heart's content without spending too much. ;)

Have fun! =)

MereMakeupManiac said...

wow Tokyo sounds interesting! and wow Fancl products are indeed cheap in Japan!

Mei said...

Hi MereMakeupManiac,

Yes, it's really much cheaper. Not only that, I was surprised to see my 100yen eye shadow selling in Guardian in Singapore for about $15!!

Japan is a make up paradise! =)