Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tasty Snack From Korea

I was back in Seoul just 2 weeks ago and my friend simply love Dr You's snacks. I must say the prawn crackers is really not bad. If you are going to Seoul, do give it a try. It is easily available from Family Mart, 7 Eleven or other major supermarkets.

It goes well with beer and make a good snack on the road.

And of course I bought my favourite Korean Black Raspberry Wine from the DFS inside Incheon Airport again.

Instead of the above, I bought the cheaper alternative from another DFS shop. It comes packed in 200ml x 5 bottles, making it easier to drink or to give away as a small gift.

Moreover, if you buy 2 boxes, you can get a 5% discount from the 22USD/box. For 3 boxes and above, it'll be a 10% discount. 

But... I prefer the bottle I bought from my April 2011 trip. The wine doesn't taste so acidic and has a fuller body. For about $30 more, I think it's definitely more worth its price! It's a perfect family drink that even old folks like! ;)


Foxy Frangipani said...

Oh love! I super love the black raspberry wine. I saw the huge bottle too, but I skipped as I forgot to find out how much is allowed back to Msia.. I bought a smaller plum wine instead, from Lotte Mart :)

Mei said...

It's nice right? And a little is enough to get you tipsy. Hehe...

I prefer this to the plum wine though. ;)