Thursday, July 14, 2011 Website Review: Quality, Low Priced & Reliable Health Supplements Online Website

I've never tried buying health supplements online until 2 months back. was introduced by a Korean friend who uses it regularly and a stranger who recommended the natural herbs website in a forum I frequent.

So, I casually surfed the website and realised has a very wide range of heath supplements for both health and beauty needs.  A Vitamin B&C supplement that suits mine and bf's needs caught my eyes: 

::Stress Relief:: 

It was priced at a very value rate of 10.92USD and had many good reviews! So, I click on the "buy" button and opted for normal international airmail.Not knowing whether the website was reliable or not back then, I   didn't want to pay extra for UPS postage. The normal international airmail cost is very low and seem like a lower risk at 4USD only.

You may be surprised to know has tracking service for USA, Japan & Korea so I guess their business is huge!

I've been taking Hi-Stress B&C and would say that it helps for me. I don't feel so lethargic if I start my day with 2 tablets of this.

They even gave me a free sachet of Cococeps with my purchase.

The only drawback  with is that using the normal international airmail took the product more than 2 weeks to reach me here in Singapore.

But it's not a big issue 'coz I'll simply opt for UPS mailing in future. I've decided to just buy most of my health supplements from now if they're cheaper. I'm sure it'll be more value to use UPS the more I buy each time.

-Low Priced
-Wide Range of Health Supplements
-Reliable Website
-Stock Status
-Free Sample
-Loyalty Program

What is there not to like yeah?

For you 1st time buyers, you can save 5USD for your 1st purchase if you quote my code: VEW578What's in it for me? I can earn monetary commission off my future purchases with details here.

So, why am I recommending Just because I'm one happy customer. Hope you'll find it a good deal like me. Yeah to health!

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Mister Omega said...

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Mei said...

Haha... of couse! =)