Saturday, May 29, 2010

Thanying Thai Restaurant: Mum's Birthday Dinner

We celebrate mum's birthday at Thanying Restaurant at Amara Hotel 2 nights ago. It was a rare gathering for the whole family 'coz my eldest sis and bro-in-law was in SG for a few days. I suspect she has timed it in time for the Great Singapore Sale. :P

I snapped some pics as I was the first to arrived... And I was way too early.

Bf had a good chuckle every time I mistake the lemongrass as my straw. And the lemongrass drink wasn't nice. 

But this Miang Kham dish was really good! It had little bits of fish, peanuts, spices etc. all wrapped in a betel leaf as an appetizer. A must-order for starter!

Some nice dishes I'll recommend is the Tom Yam Goong if you like the clear kind of soup. I personally prefer the milky one from E-Sarn Thai Cuisine. The Grapoh Pla Namdang (Fish Maw Soup with Quail's Egg) is nice enough for a non-fish-maw person like me to drink it.

The Stuffed Chicken Wing was delicious too. The Red Curry Duck is another dish worth trying, it was better than the Green Curry Chicken in my opinion. And the curries went really well with the Fried Rice with Black Olives.

And I really enjoyed the Pla Krapong (Steamed Seabass with Special Lime and Chilli Sauce)  It was so good I finished up all of it. You can refer to this link for more of the signature dishes.

These are all the food pics I took that night 'coz I was hungry when everyone arrived and the food was served immediately and I just chomp my way through.

Some happy and satisfied faces except for Val's little sour face.

More pictures with babies.

We had a yummy night at Thanying Restaurant!

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