Monday, May 10, 2010

Andrea Bocelli in Singapore Presented by YTL Concert of Celebration 2010

I went for Andrea Bocelli's Concert at Botanical Garden last Saturday. It was presented by YTL Corporation to mark the company's successful venture here in Singapore. 

Jan managed to get the free tics and bf's sis gave it to us too. So, a evening garden double date it was! And we had a really good time.

The artistes' performance was amazing and the free food (KFC and ice cream), goodie bags and the yummy snacks that we've prepared added to our enjoyment.

After stuffing my face shortly after the concert began, the soothing music was getting to me and I felt sleepy. I thought I would probably go through the whole concert lying on the ground and looking up into the deep blue sky. Yeah, that's music appreciation for me.

But it got even better after the intermission and Delta Goodrem's singing took my breath away. Well, it was her sexy hairdo that night and her beautiful face that first caught my attention. Here's 2 videos of her performance:

She's gorgeous yeah? I really think so and Andrea Bocelli did 5 encores that night! Singing together, Andrea Bocolli and Delta Goodrem delivered a really wonderful performance!

The beautiful evening ended with several fireworks that fogged up the roads surrounding Botanical Garden. Even the rain was perfectly timed and it ended just before the start of the concert,  bringing along with it a cool night for outdoor enjoyment.

**It was a magical night!**

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