Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My First Harrowing Encounter with Diaper Changing

This surely is one defining moment of mine; my first attempt at diaper changing.

Mum had to bring my older niece to the doctor after dinner. Soon after they left the house, my poop sensitive nose smelt something awful coming from the other room. To my horror, my little niece, Clara, has indeed pooped! I distracted her with her favourite "Peek-A-Boo" baby VCD and watched the clock.

About one and a half hour has passed and my mum was still not home yet. Feeling guilty from Clara's incessant cries and creative attempts to call out for my mum in different ways, I've decided to give her a clean butt.

It was a harrowing experience! O... that awful smell!!! But she seemed to enjoy being tickled by the sprays of the shower head and giggled as I washed her.

As I was putting the diaper on her, my mum came home just in time for the rescue. It would have been perfect if not for the diaper that was worn back to front.

I totally understand why dads out there hate changing diapers. And if you guys haven't realized it, it's just as horrifying an experience for us gals too! 

Please save us from that smell sometimes too!!!


Patricia Cheng said...

Hahahahaha! It's good practice! Prepares you for the future!

Mei said...

I'll hire a nanny for this in the future! Muhahaha...