Thursday, November 3, 2011

Best Website To Learn Korean - **Talk To Me In Korean**

I discover an online gem recently:

This website is not like the usual language website. It's more interactive, engaging and interesting to listen to the lessons. Best of all, the lessons are free! 

I really love how easy it is to navigate and how well laid out the pages are. And the graphics and pictures are so nice!! It's cute and makes me want to surf the site.

The lessons are clear and easy to follow through. With the workbook exercise, you can monitor how well you've learnt after each audio lesson. The teachers welcome questions and feedback too.

I'm so happy my fellow forumers introduced this website to me and I just want to share with everyone out there who is learning Korean. Take a look for yourself! And if you're happy with what you can gain from them, do donate. I think they truly deserve it!

감사합니다 to the awesome people at! =)


Rindodo ♥ said...

that's a super nice website indeed XD~

Shan H Fernandes said...

Korean ! Would be a great experience,will try learning for sure.

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