Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My Wedding at Halia Restaurant, Raffles Hotel, (Blessed-i Photography & Digio Review)

I've been missing in action. Taking really long to reply all of you who have written to me because I was so caught up the last 2 months of so with my life. Yes, a momentous period in my life, that's why. It was my transition to a Mrs.

Our Humorous Solemnizer, My Alex Tan Boon Yan

Well well, I didn't turn out to be the bride-zilla that some thought I'd be. Tsk! In fact, I enjoyed the whole wedding planning down to the day itself. It was beautiful holding our wedding at Halia Restaurant, Raffles Hotel. I've always wanted a simple wedding with elegance. No change of dress, just 1 Made To Measure Gown in, no cheesy music march-in and a cozy affair with closed ones. And I've never thought I'll freak out or turn into a demanding monster on my wedding day. Like I told my hubby, I am "Little Mis-understood". : :D 

I didn't, however, expect to enjoy myself this much. It as a beautiful day to me. I shall let the pictures speak for themselves.

With My Parents

One Of My Fav Pics

My Cute Tea Dress From Digio Bridal

Private Moments With My Bridesmaids Kept Me Sane

Sunny Wedding Morning

Our Display On The Ozone Table in Halia Restaurant, Raffles Hotel

Halia Restaurant Elegant Display With Our Personal Touches

My Superb Make-Up Artist Who Gave Me A Glam Smokey Eye Look That I Love, Love, Love!

Wedding March-In With My 2 Little Loves

Giving Our Thank You Speech

Hubby Singing To Me

I have been asked several times how my life has changed after getting married. Well, day to day, it hasn't. The transition when we first stayed together was greater than formalizing our marriage. Still, I love being married. It brings along a settled feeling and a sense of commitment that I've never felt in my previous relationships. One that publicly announces and signifies you're in this for the long haul and a reminder of the decision we've made.

Yet another FAQ was how did my wedding day go and how best to keep calm. This special day was made more heartwarming by the love I felt from my family and friends, in whatever way it was expressed. There may be some who will become the monster-zilla instead so it's important to remind yourself that THIS IS your day and allow no one to take your joy away from you. 

Completed Artwork From The Combined Effort of Our Guest On Our Wall

**A special thanks also to the people below who are passionate & excellent in their works!**

-Blessed-i Photography Yeow Ming, who captured so many beautiful Actual Day "in the moment" pictures. He was jovial and was always non-intrusively snapping away. 

-Chris, my wonderful make up artist who gave me so many gorgeous hairdo for my hard to style short hair & non-traditional make up on my actual wedding night. I absolutely love my smokey eyes and drama look that night. 

-Vanness from Digio Bridal who snapped so many beautiful pre-wedding pictures of us. He is so experienced and made the whole shooting process fast and fun!

Here's a few of my pre-wedding photo shoot pictures:

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