Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Men 100% Leather Messenger Bags - Vagabond Traveler Review

It's hard to find a nice men genuine leather messenger bag in Singapore that doesn't make you feel like you're paying through your nose. And it's even harder to find is one that is well built, looks rugged with a raw finish that cost below 500SGD. I couldn't even find anything I like at this budget.

I have cracked my head for more than half a year before I realised I have yet to explore my online options. Somehow somewhere, Vagabond Traveler caught my eyes on Good reviews were posted on other sites and replies were prompt from the seller.

I decided to go ahead since it'll only cost be less than half the price (inclusive of shipment) of what I was prepared to pay. I opted for Fedex shipment tracking since Vagabond Traveler ships by Fedex.

And eagerly waited....

And got impatient at times...

When it finally arrived in about 2 week's time!!!

It was neatly packed into a flat box.

Ta-da!!! The bag I hunted for so long in the rugged leather finish I wanted.

It is made of oil tanned leather and is in freedom style.

Vagabond Traveler even packed a holder along with it to make it more presentable for gift giving.

Am I a satisfied online shopper of Vagabond Traveler? Yes, I am. At a fraction of the price in Singapore, I am getting a quality product made of genuine leather.

Vagabond Traveler even packed a holder along with it to make it more presentable for gift giving.

The only drawback? My fiance's light coloured pants get chocolate stains when he uses it. At first, we were perplexed and thought the stains came about from his greed in chomping on chocolate bars. Later on, he figured that bag rubs off brown stains on light coloured pants.

We were told that since this is an oil tanned leather that was tanned with colour and wax in raw leather finish, we would have to wait it out for the bag to stop bleaching eventually... :( For now, my fiance just keep to dark coloured pants.

If you intend to purchase from Vagabond Traveler, it may be worthwhile to note that it's cheaper to buy directly from their website instead of from or

Good luck in finding the perfect messenger bag!


Anonymous said...

Good to see your review as I am planning to buy a bag myself. Just curious, how heavy is the bag? Since it is made of leather. I will be using the bag on my daily commute to the office so I am worried about the weight since I have a back problem. Thanks

Mei said...


The bag is rather heavy as compared to half leather bag.

The whole bag is made of 100% leather so it may weight quite a bit for you since you have a bag problem.

Unlike some bag, it doesn't come with only a thin leather and fabric lining. It is full leather.

Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

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cheap rs gold said...

Good to see your evaluation much like me thinking about buying any carrier me personally. Merely interested, just how hefty will be the carrier? Because it is manufactured from leather. I will be while using the bag on my own everyday drive for work therefore i are worried about the load because i possess a rear issue. Many thanks cheap rs gold

Mei said...

Hi cheap rs gold, the bag is pretty hardy. One that you can use on a daily basis. Good value to me. =)

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