Wednesday, August 21, 2013 Review, Online Grocery, Online Supermarket Shopping in Singapore

The first thing I did this morning after getting my coffee is to shop away! Online, that is. supermarket shopping for pasta coking this weekend. Even before I got my own place, I've always relish the thought of online grocery shopping. So, within the first 2 weeks of getting my keys, I've already given a try.

Secure Packaging

What a treat for my miserly arm muscles!

It used to be free delivery for purchases of $79 and above but there's a current promotion that delivers for free with every $49 and above spent. Valid until 31 August 2013 only. 

Of course, I jumped at the chance and ordered 2 more rounds. Haha..

What's more, enter the promotional code of likeredmart and get to enjoy additional 10% of your purchase and this 10% applies to even items already on sale!

You'll get to select your preferred delivery dates and the next day slot is usually available.

Payment is also a breeze with online credit card option,  credit card upon delivery or through Paypal and you're done! Easy peasey and hassle free.

The past 3 deliveries were pleasant and on time. Once, the deliveryman was running 10 mins late and he called me on my mobile hone to inform me beforehand. This is what I call good service! Redmart's pricing is like other supermarkets. Some thing are more expensive, and some are cheaper, especially those on sale.

I'm so glad that grocery shopping is made so much easier these days with online shopping. I'll no longer need to lug heavy household items, especially detergent, rice, oil and such. I'm loving it and getting hooked!


Redmart Singapore Coupon Codes said...

Nice Article and it is true that Redmart has somehow managed to impact the online grocery shopping in Singapore. I am very much impressed with the delivery services and the kind of products they have. I am expecting a lot more people will start investing into this business very soon.

ak1234 said...

This kind of service is very common in Korea. I hope they keep up the good work. Its very surprising to me that there arent more such services here, especially since its so hard to own a car! I had just stopped buying water but thanks to Redmart, I am able to go back to that habit.