Thursday, August 22, 2013

DHC Collagen 7000mg Drink Review, Results

And so my vain pot urges took over 2 weeks before my wedding photo shoot. I grabbed 3 packs for DHC Collagen 7000mg drinks from Watson's at a total of less than 100SGD and beamed away at my good buy.

I tested 1 bottle for allergy reaction before bedtime and it seeemed alright. I then  put them aside to drink 2 weeks before my wedding photo shoot. The only discomfort I felt was the thirst the morning after drinking it. Even this didn't deter me as I was so looking forward to filling up my skin with more collagen. :P

DHC Collagen Drink tastes better chilled than in room temperature. It is much less sour when chilled. Also, when compared to Fancl Tense Up, it is sweeter and has a very lovely fragrance when the bottle cap is removed.

4 days into drinking this collagen drink, I got a tiny bump on my right cheek and I hardly ever get pimples or bumps on my cheeks. I thought it was a pimple and went to my facial lady but was told that it is the precursor of pimple. Hhhhm... 

Anyway, my thirst went on and I never drank so much water in half a week before. It's like a constantly-on-the-verge-of-having-sore-throat feeling.

See, So Sad...

Yet at the same time, I felt that my skin was smoother when I put on make up. It seemed like it, at least.

And into my 5th day, I noticed more bumps in the mirror under the sunlight! Argh!!! I am going to stop taking DHC Collagen Drink.

It's not working for me. I'm letting my mum try it instead, maybe it'll add some glow for her. Hehe...

Well, I'm glad I tried it before my photo shoot and not before my actual day wedding. Oh well, this product doesn't work for me. And my skin isn't usually that kind that reacts to new products in a negative way. This one just works in a bad way. Boo...

Fancl Tense Up works much better. You can read about my previous post here. Meiji powder and Fancl pills didn't have much effect on me but at least there was no adverse reaction.

So, my verdict is... I will not buy it ever again. I'll continue my hunt to look for ways to shine, only after my photo shoot. Jut to be safe. ;)

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