Saturday, April 20, 2013

My Best Poker Session Ever: Marriage Proposal From My Love!

Bf proposed last night! And in the way I absolutely love love love, which is original and filled with surprises!

It was meant to be a regular poker session and I felt so lucky to have pocket Queens in the first round. The 1st three cards on the table were Queen, X & Jack.  As it went on, 3 players went all in with bf being 1 of them. *Woo hoo* The pot was getting big enough and gave me an adrenalin rush!

When it was my turn to make a call, I hesitated before going all in. I really didn't want to lose all our chips in the first hand even though the odds were in my favour. And so the showdown began... with 2 pocket Queens from me and 2 pocket Jacks from bf and 1 other player that was significant. Hehe....

My heart was pumping when the 4th card opened and it showed a Jack. "That's fine", I thought, "at least the money is going back into bf's pockets" and I still stand a minute chance. With poker, there's always this element or luck, no?

The trash talk went on and when the last card opened, I was stunned for a while. It was a Queen and I've won! But.... why was my winning card so dirty with all those scribbling?? Huh???

It was a split second before I caught the word "MARRY" and I beamed away. What a way to propose! A climax on top of a climax! Bf is so cool!!! :D

He went down on his knees, took out the custom made ring and gave me the flowers. Of course I said yes. Yes, yes, yes and a million times yes!

The Lovely Bouquet of White Roses

It was a moment of blur and flurry. His thoughtfulness and effort makes me beam from ear to ear. The thoughts that went into the ring design, the flowers he got me, the way he orchestrated the whole poker session with friends.... Yes, I'm truly touched. 

❤ Thank you baby! I really do feel so so lucky to have met you and have you in my life. 

The ring is designed with an infinity love symbol on the side. BF insisted on having this on the ring and he used my tattoo drawings months ago as the reference.

Infinity Love Design On Side Of Ring

I was still contemplating getting the tattoo yesterday when I eventually feel up for it someday. Now, I'll wear it on my engagement ring instead. How meaningful! 

I have not told bf this before. He was my inspiration for the infinity love design and I felt so strongly for him at one point, I almost added one more tattoo to my body. But my rational mind got the better of me. Tats really aren't cool when I am older. Haha...

It wasn't the easiest allowing myself to fall in love with him, to bare my soul and just let the feelings flow. I had hoped that our relationship will go on forever but I was hesitant. I wasn't sure he felt the same way then and whether he wanted the same things in life as me.

Yes, this isn't the end of our journey and I know it'll get better because we both want it so.

Last Pic For The Lovely Night

❤ Baby, you're the best bet in my life. Muacks! 

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