Tuesday, January 15, 2013

iHerb.com Singapore, Eurasia Express, Now Joint Support Powder & Avalon Organics CoQ10 Wrinkle Defense Serum Reviews

I'm a big iherb.com fan now!!! 

Use my code VEW578 or click here to enjoy a 5USD off for purchases below 40USD and for purchases above 40USD, you'll get an instant discount of 10USD!

I tried their Eurasia Express Shipping which was made free in October 2011 for purchase of 60USD and above and was smiling broadly when my purchases arrive. It took them a mere 7 days to have my items delivered into my hands. And this is inclusive of the weekends too. I'm impressed and delighted! =))

I bought 6 items back then and 1 of them was the Avalon Organics CoQ1O Wrinkle Defense Serum which was disappointing. I expected to see visible results but none whatsoever. However, my facial lady and her staff did comment that my eyes look better and it might just be this serum...

The good thing was that the serum is non greasy and it's good for a base to pile on other eye creams.

The Avalon Organics Eye Serum also comes in a pump bottle and it can be a little messy on the caps. You can see the white serum on the inside of my bottle cap above.

Now, I'm on the hunt of a more effective anti-wrinkle eye product. Do recommend me if you know of one.

Another new product I tried this round was the Now Joint Support Powder. I got 1 for bf since he has knee problems and this product had a better value than Viatril-S. But boy, the smell is a killer... It has a a strong shellfish smell that cannot be masked even when I put it into my fruit juice. :(

We can't tell whether it works because it's such a drag to take it on a consistent basis. :P

The cute thing about iHerb.com is they give away free samples or freebies with every purchase. Lately, I've been receiving stationery and it's cute. That's a pen and a highlighter above.

I've shopped with them 8 times and have never encountered missing parcel. 

So, if you're convinced, do use my code VEW578 or click here to 
  1. Enjoy a 5USD off for purchases below 40USD and enjoy a 10USD discount for purchases above 40USD
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