Thursday, September 15, 2011

Where To Buy Korean Keyboard Stickers in Singapore

From my previous post, some of you may know that I am studying Korean now. Of course, I not only want to speak and read the language, I want to write it as well.

So, I had to get Korean keyboard stickers to start my Korean language practice on my laptop.

I intended to get my stickers from a US seller at ebay. But after adding the postage, it was more logical to get it from a Singapore seller at $1-2 more and who can deliver them much faster. 

I chose the transparent stickers with orange letters and am satisfied with the service of the seller. If you're interested to purchase Korean keyboard stickers ere in Singapore, you can email Jayson at The sticker details can be found here.

I combined my purchase with 2 other friends and got a bulk discount too. Just email Jayson to find out more, he responds fast and is a very helpful and responsible seller.

You'll only need to to go the Control Panel on your computer, add the Korean language bar in the Regional and Language folder after sticking on your new stickers to be able to type away in Korean.

Now, I can! =)

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