Tuesday, June 7, 2011

b.liv Off With Those Heads & Got Me Covered Product Review

Oh... I found my miracle product and it has made me so happy that I want to share it with you peeps!

If you have oily skin or combination skin like me, and if you are prone to outbreak, I strongly recommend b.liv Off With Those Heads by Cellnique!

Just last month, I read so many good reviews about this product online and couldn't resist waiting until GSS to buy it with a discount from SASA. So, I bought a value pack from SASA that comes with:

  • Squeaky Clean 50ml x 1
  • Off With Those Heads 30ml x 1
  • Got Me Covered 45ml x 1
The value pack cost me $98 and I am so pleased with Off With Those Heads.

I only apply this product on my problematic T-zone every morning and night time. After using it for a few days, I noticed that my face is less oily and the skin on my T-zone is calmer. After a few weeks, I also noticed that I didn't get my monthly pimple due to changes in my hormonal cycle. Yipee!!

I did get 2 pimples over the 3 weeks of usage but they were small ones and 1 appeared right after using Off With Those Heads for the first time.

See my results:



There's lesser blackheads on my nose after 3 weeks and I didn't even need to squeeze my blackheads out. The results is amazing, the blackheads just dropped off!! When I went for my facial a few days back, my therapist said that my complexion looks better and it's easier to squeeze out the impurities from my face. I am one happy girl! =)

Got Me Covered is also pretty good with SPF 35 coverage. It gives good coverage and is non-greasy even though it contains sunblock. I use it before using my normal powder foundation and I love its oil control properties. My face feels less oily at end of day when I use these 2 products together.

In fact, I also persuaded bf to give Off With Those Heads a try and helped him purchase the 30ml at $69 directly from b.liv online shop. The item reached me fast within a few days and was sent using DHL service. The good thing about buying it online is that I can get reward points for future purchases.

Bf has less outbreak these days too and we both think it's our miracle product for now. The best oil control product I've ever tried and I've really tried many, many products since my teens.

For those who are wondering what's the difference between Cellnique Skin Action Sebum Gel and b.liv Off With Those Heads, I think it's the ingredients composition. I did a comparison and the ingredients seem the same but are in different proportion for both. So far, b.liv is cheaper and good enough for me!

There's currently 20% promotion in SASA and on b.liv website so I'll be stocking up with a 45ml one 'coz this is my favourite beauty product of the moment!


Vivi said...

Wow! The effects are quite drastic!

Mei said...

Hi Vivi,

Ya!!! I took the "before" and "after" pictures for fun and was pleasantly surprised by the results.

It was only about 3 weeks of use and I didn't even have to squeeze those blackheads out.

Happy happy... =)

Lyn said...

Hi babe, may I know where you bought your bliv product from? I went to several SASA branches but couldn't find it :(

Mei said...

Hi Lyn,

I got in from Northpoint SASA and bf got it from Suntec SASA.

I once tried buying from http://sg.blivskin.com/index.php and it's reliable with a fast delivery. You can try that now there's 20% off online too.

HTHs! =)