Saturday, May 7, 2011

Seoul Night Life, Where To Go In Seoul At Night

This trip to Seoul, we went to many more places than we would have if not for my 2 lovely Korean friends. 

We checked out the night scene and had fun partying, if not drinking away. And a few places stood out in my mind:

1) Gangnam

If you haven't heard about Gangnam yet, this is the latest hip area in Seoul where many hang out and relax after work. Naturally, it would be a place with lots of great shopping, great food and great drinking holes.

In fact, the whole of the area on one side of the river is known as "Gangnam". We had our dinner at this charming restaurant in Gangnam  and to be exact, it is near situated near to Sinsa Station and we exited from Exit 8. It serves traditional Korean food and it was one of the best meal I had in Seoul this trip. 

Sumptuous Dinner With Wonderful Company 

We had so much fun that we stayed 'til the restaurant's closing time and here's a pic of the interior:

That night, we took a stroll down Gangnam to check out some of the fashion stores before heading to a Jazz Club round the corner. ::Once In A Blue Moon Jazz Club::

Although it was only a short distance away, the cab ride took about 15 mins or so. The traffic around Gangnam is pretty heavy during the night so you can probably make out that it is really THE place to see and be seen right now.

There's a live band here and it's a cool place to chill. Great for listening to music and just enjoy a quiet drink if you ain't up for a night of dancing.

Toast To Great Night Life in Seoul

Inside Once In A Blue Moon

2) Hongdae

The next place that I'll recommend is Hongdae

Although I heard that the night life there is even more vibrant and energetic than Gangnam, we didn't have a chance to experience it.

But we had yet another fantastic meal of Korean BBQ at Hondae. there's many korean BBQ restaurants that line the streets and all you have to do is take your pick!

It's one of life's greatest joys to have a good hot meal and drinks in cold weather. **Love it!!**

Korean Bulgogi is really yummilicious with the Kimchi Jigea (Kimchi soup) after you are done with 1 round of fluffy egg.

It was also the night when we discovered Makkholi also known Korean Rice Wine. If you want to give it a try, do note that the expiry date is very short so you might as well finish up the bottle at one go after opening. ;)

We also had our first taste of Korea Burnt Rice Porridge / Soup. This dish is made with rice from the bottom of the rice pot or cooker which give the porridge a slightly burnt rice taste. We were told that it's a good dish after alcohol as it'll calm the stomach.

And it's surprisingly tasty, especially if you add in Kimchi, heh.

3) JJ Mahoney's @ Grand Hyatt Seoul

We ended the night at JJ Mahoney's in Hyatt, which is located at Namsan. It's a pity I didn't snap more pics in there as my girl friends were all drooling at the many cute Korean men there.

I had a very pleasant surprise that night when I ordered a cocktail called "JJ's Childhood Toy" and it was served with a bunny soft toy!!

My friend commented that this is my happiest picture taken in Seoul and I don't think I can disagree.

Do check it out, it's a great place to dance the night away with babes and hunks all around.


Anonymous said...

Hi! I was wondering if it will be inconvenient to get around (order food at restaurants in gangnam for example) especially if I do not speak korean... I'm visiting next week and I would love to visit the restaurants you recommended!!! How was your experience there like? Do people there generally speak english??? thanks for enlightening!!

Mei said...


People in Korea speak very limited English . It'll be easy to move around especially if you print out the subway map before going over.

As for communicating with Koreans in English, it'll be a little harder. What I did was I printed out basic food names in Korean and show the waitresses but not every stall will entertain you.

Cafes and restaurants in Gangnam are generally very nice and it's a lovely place to chill.

I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself there too. Gangnam is the most hip place in Seoul currently.


Bri said...


I too am going to Seoul next week and was wondering if there was an entrance fee to go into that "Once in a Blue Moon" Jazz Club?

Mei said...

Hi Bri,

No, there isn't a cover charge. Enjoy yourself! =)

Anonymous said...

Hi there!! Thanks for your blog entry it's really informative .
Could you give more information about the restaurant in hongdae?? Restaurant name and directions ?!
Thank you!

Mei said...

Hi there,

Thank you. I don't have the restaurant name. There's many restaurants there and we just walk into one with available space.

just exit at Hongdae Station Exit 5 and walk around to take a look.

Hope you'll find some good food and drinks!

The 3 Slims said...

Can you share more on how to get to that Gangnam restaurant? You mentioned it was the best meal you had in Seoul. :) Thanks

Mei said...


The area is Gangnam area but the station is Sinsa Station, just take exit 8 and walk past about 2 blocks. On your left, you'l see a street with a lot of cafes and eateries. Maybe from there, you can show people the pic from my blog.

I hope this helps! =)