Sunday, March 6, 2011

Samjicheon Village in Damyang Region: Korea Trip Planning

We were planning for a day trip since we were going to spend 7 to 14 Apr 2011 in Seoul. Having been to Seoul once and not wanting to revisit Nami Island, Everland nor Mt Sorak, we decided to go somewhere scenic and soak in the beautiful sights of Korea. The plan to Jeju was cancelled 'coz we realised it'll be expensive and difficult for us to move around unless we join a local tour. And that, we do not want.

So, here's our new plan: to visit the slow, barely untouched and charming Samjicheon village in Damyang region. It's about 3-4 hours train ride from Seoul. And to go with the flow of being in the "slow" village, we dont want to rush and will stay 1 night in this lovely place.

It's also the place whereby a lot of Korean drama was filmed because of its beautiful scenery.

Here's the website for nearby Hanok accommodation and we selected the first one called House of Kim Yeong-Bong. It looks pretty nice and neat although I cannot understand what is written on its website. There's a phone number to call for reservation but I got my Korean friends to help give us reserve 2 rooms instead. The only thing to note that they don't accept credit card so we have to pay in cash for our rooms.


Anonymous said...

hi, how do you go to damyang from seoul? did you take the train or bus? Any tips. Thanks.

Mei said...


I took a train to Gwangju and then a bus from the main bus station to Damyang. You can read more about it here:

There's also a tourist station right outside the Gwangju train station. You can approach the staff there to get some local maps and directions to your accommodation too.

Train schedule from Seoul to Gwangju can be found here:

It's real fun to go somewhere out of Seoul and experience a slower lifestyle.


Anonymous said...

hi! thanks for the info. your blog is very informative. Do you think 1day is enough to visit the Bamboo Forest and the Metasequoia road?

Mei said...


Yes yes, one day trip is enough if you leave Seoul early in the morning like 7am and return back to Seoul late at night.

The train ride is about 3+ hours and the bus ride to the bamboo forest is about 20 mins or so.

But it might be a bit rush and no allowance for any long delays.

Why not try staying over 1 night at slow city and leaving before noon the next day?

At least you'll be able to take your time to enjoy yourselves. =)