Monday, January 17, 2011

The Children of Kobe: A Moving Japanese Movie

Just watched the movie "The Children Of Kobe" on NHK  this evening and it was a gem! Short, succinct and a tear-jerker.

The movie revolves around 2 strangers whose lives got entwined for a day when they revisit their hometown of Kobe after more than 10 years.

Having gone through the powerful earthquake that took close to 5,000 lives in Kobe in 1995, both parties share their feelings and internal struggles over 1 night.

The show is captivating and engaging even though most of the time it focused only on the couple. Injected with humor, it touches the heart without being cheesy and is surprisingly good! 

A rare find to end our weekend. Love it! =)


alvin said...

i like this drama film, it's so deeply. it's time to have reflection about life, tragedy.

Michael said...

Agreed, it is a haunting show

Anonymous said...

I agree! Jeez I love this movie so much. It's simple but I don't know, it's very touching.. xD
Wish I could see it again.

Anonymous said...

Yes, sooooo brilliant and very clever. So much depth. Had me in tears but loved it. Beats an American car chase film.

ken said...

hi i just watched the show and like it very much as well. im looking for the title and artise for the song played at the show ending do u know its title and by who?

Mei said...

Wow, I'm surprised and happy to know that so many of you love the movie like I do.

Not many of my friends know about it and I think it's one of those underrated films.

The storyline is so simple, the story so poignant, the chemistry between the leads so subtle and it's just a brilliant show.

Beats many of the movies I've watched. =)

Ken: I don't know who is the artiste and can't help. Sorry.

Michael said...

The Actoress/Actor are Eriko Sato and Mirai Moriyama respectively - see the weblink provided in your blog

I happen to chance upon the show while channel surfing, and thought the title looks interesting..didn't even know its the eve of Kobe Quake anniversary that night. The show lingers in my mind everday till now, simple story yet powerful acting!

Thanks for sharing!

Michael said...

This show is also known as "Sono Machi no Kodomo" (Children of the City) in Japanese.

Ken, you can try the URL below for soundtrack of show by Otomo Yoshihide

Good luck!

ken said...

hello im looking for the title and artise for the song played at the show ending not the actor/actoress of the show. tks anyway but anybody here knows the song is by who? i tried googled for it but can't seem to find anything.

Mei said...

Thanks Michael for sharing.

Yeah, I chance upon it too when channel surfing in bf's place and am glad to have watched the show! ;)

ken said...

tks Micheal found the song its by
by Fuyumi Abe and u can listen it here

pls share it wif others coz i think its very touching n nice song :)

Richard said...

Where i can download this movie?

Mei said...

Hi there,

Sorry, I can't help with this because I don't know...

Hải Ngô said...

I love this movie too. My heart was touched when I was watching it. I found a link to watch this movie online after years of searching :(

Here is the link:

You can use some sort of flash video download software to download it

The problem is there is no subtitles around, even in Japanese. I wish someone could find one.